Review: “Sully”

Title: Sully
Year: 2016
Director: Clint Eastwood
Writers: Todd Komarnicki (screenplay), Chesley Sullenberger (based on the book “Highest Duty”)
Cast: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhardt

Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger never dreamt about being a hero. Sully has always been pationate about his job as a pilot and giving only his best performance in every flight he had. 40 years of experience has made him as an expert on aviation, and yet, it still did not prepare him for incident which he later experienced.

On January 15, 2009, Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffery Skiles flew US Airways Flight 1549 from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Barely three minutes into the flight, the Airbus A320 hit a flock of Canada geese, which disabled both engines. Without engine power, Sully needed to land immediately, however no airports within a safe distance for him to do so. He decided to perform emergency landing in Hudson River even though it was the last option a pilot would choose. Miraculously, Sully was able to land the aircraft safely in the Hudson, saving the lives of all 155 passengers and crews aboard. The press and public shortly addressed him as a hero, though he did not feel the same.

Shortly afterward, as regular practice, NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) started an investigation for the incident. The board claimed that result from some tests on the remaining aircraft indicated that the left engine was still running after the birds strike. Theoretically, this would have given Sully enough power to fly back to nearest airports; LaGuardia or Teterboro. In addition, NTSB also claimed that from several flight simulations conducted based on all available data of the incident concluded that the plane could have landed safely in either airport even with both engines disabled. 

Feedback from NTSB naturally disturbed Sully, and made him somehow questioned himself: did he do the right thing back then? Having repeated the incident in his head over and over again, Sully believed that he did his best considering insufficient time or altitude during that 208 seconds of incident. Determined to prove that he had done the right thing and avoid having his career ended, he questioned NTSB to clarify if everything had been accurately investigated. What happened next?

I think Clint Eastwood did a quite good job with the storyline and particularly, selection of the cast. However, indeed there was time when I felt that the pressure done by NTSB agents were a bit too much for accident investigation. The impression I got that they tried to prove Sully did a mistake or human error during the incident, while I believed they should have thought neutrally along the process. This aligned with some article saying that there were parts of “Sully” which were exaggerated and not reflect what actually or should have happened in reality (read here). 

Despite the controversy, I think everyone will agree that the main variable which makes this movie wonderful is, of course, Tom Hanks. Hanks portrayed Sully’s character beautifully (as we would expect). Not only he made me experienced the shock from 1549 incident, he also brought me through this roller coaster of mind where he was having doubt about himself but eventually believed in himself that he had done his best. Aaron Eckhardt also did a good job as Skiles, equivalently disturbed with the incident, but still showing his full support to Sully as his partner.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching Sully. I have always loved Hanks’ performance, and surely he did not let me and everyone else down with his amazing performance as Sully. 

Rate: 4.5 from 5 stars

Being Intrigued by The 2nd Moon gugak project…

..and it all started with my obsession to reality show “I Can See Your Voice”.

For you who don’t know, “I Can See Your Voice” (ICSYV) is a Korean reality show which has a professional singer guessing from a group of people, who can sing well and who can’t. If a contestant who can’t sing well is chosen in the end of the show, he or she will earn a monetary prize. While if contestant who can sing well is chosen, he or she will be able to sing a duet with the singer and release it as a digital single (you can see more details in wikipedia). I have been into this show mainly because of its concept: “Don’t judge book by its cover”, which of course is a reality in this show because really, you can not know if someone good at singing only from their appearance or even lypsinc performance. Plus, it is so funny🙂

Anyway, I was enjoying some ICSYV episodes in youtube when I suddenly saw this clip:

I immediately fell in love. 

I fell in love with the guy (you can’t blame me for this..he’s cute!), his voice and particularly the music. 

The music is beautiful, I cannot get it enough. It keeps playing in my head, and I keep repeating this clip over and over again. 

I found out later that he is Kim Jun-Su, a Pansori (wiki) and Gugak (wiki) singer who is now collaborating with Korean fusion band named The 2nd Moon. The band itself is not a newcomer in Korean music industry. In fact they have won some awards in 2006 Korean Music Award and also produced soundtracks for a very popular Korean drama, Princess Hours (wiki). They just released their gugak project album, A Butterfly’s Dream, and both songs sang by Kim Jun-Su in ICSYV; Farewell Song and Here Comes The Royal Inspector, are part of the album’s tracks.

Driven by curiosity, I got their album even though I have no clue what the album is about. The 2nd Moon admin in Facebook was kind enough to share me a summary of the album which gives me a flavor on story that is being conveyed by each song. So far Jeokseong-ga (Jeokseong Song) and Eosa Chooldoo (Here Comes the Royal Inspector) are my favorites (maybe I will share my thought on the songs in separate post…).

A Butterfly’s Dream has not only made me attracted to Korean traditional music, but also made me think a bit further: can’t we implement the same approach in Indonesia? I know I am not the best person to criticize considering I am not skilled in music or any cultural thing, but I think I will pretty much enjoy a customized traditional music which will have some kind of modern touch, but not forgetting the traditional root in it. I have no doubt it will make people start loving their culture again. Am I exaggerating? I wonder…

Overall, I am quite enjoying this project of The 2nd Moon. I really want to see their live performance because I think it will give different atmosphere when I listen to them directly and not through digital music. Let’s see if I can get an opportunity in the near future. 

P.S. You can get more information on The 2nd Moon from their Facebook page (in Korean though. Good thing FB has translation function now!) and also from this short clip:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Sometimes I wonder if my blog has changed its function from a media to express anything in my mind to only facilitate Weekly Photo Challenge (which is always also late, by the way) *cough*. Then again, it was me who always delayed writing down any idea came up in my mind, and regretted later because I would forget already what I wanted to write! 

Same old, same old! *crying*

Anyway, here are some pictures for this week’s theme: Edge. First picture was taken at Corfu, Greece, when I had my first ever “real” vacation: doing nothing in the beach and not thinking about work! 😁

Later picture was taken in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy. The five villages are for sure my favorites from all the places I have visited durig my assignment in Swirzerland.  

Ah. Now I want a vacation 😩

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Another late post for Weekly Photo Challenge *cough* 

Just back from business trip to India, where I had stomachache for the second time (I had same issue during my visit last March, huhu..). Good thing I managed to recover right before I flew home, otherwise I might have had a very bad flight experience ^^;

So here it is, picture for last week’s theme: “Mirror” 😊

Review: Junji Itou’s Manga Collection

I have never been into horror, either movie, book or comic. Not because I am afraid of ghosts or monsters, but more because I hate surprise (which is everywhere inside a horror movie) and disturbing graphics or description in comic or book. Only once in a while I will try reading a horror comic (or watch a horror movie), and commonly it was a light one.

So imagine how surprised I was when I found myself digging into Junji Ito’s manga collection couple of weeks ago. It was purely driven by curiousity because I saw someone’s comment in internet that stated that Junji Ito’s manga was the best horror manga he ever read. I started to read some of Junji Ito’s one-shots collection, and unexpectedly, I was drawn into it. 

Ito-sensei’s art is truly disturbing (and disgusting as per to say), yet the story is so interesting, I just could not stop reading it. Commonly the protagonists in the stories were victims of either curse, alien attack, ghosts, society who had nerves breakdown or unexplained phenomenons. In another hand, Ito-sensei had also made some evil-main-characters who were lunatic and would not mind to hurt other people, including their family. It was no surprise that there was no happy ending in any of Junji Ito’s story. Some of the stories indeed have some dark comedy, but even inside that, there would be some victims who had to suffer (read: die) in a pitiful situation.

The most popular titles of Junji Ito’s were Uzumaki (Spiral) and Gyo. Besides those two, Junji Ito has wide collection of one-shots (Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection), and other stories such as Black Paradox and Hellstar Remina (you can check the other titles in wiki). 

Uzumaki (Spiral), one of my favorite titles, telling us story about citizens of Kurôzu-cho, a city which was affected by a supernatural curse involving spirals. The main protagonists were Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito. Though she did not believe it in the beginning when Shuichi told him about the curse, day by day, Kirie had been witnessing how the spiral curse affected people around them, including her own family. Not only that, the curse then destroyed all buildings inside the city, and eventually forced the citizens to build shelter houses in the shape of giant spiral. Kirie and Shuichi then tried to get out from the city, but could they make it? (sorry, no spoiler :p). 

What I remember the most from Uzumaki was the snail man, which, as the name indicated, was disgusting. To come up with such an idea was pretty cool, and I salute Ito-sensei for his originality.


Then there were short stories about Hikizuri siblings, who I confirm as the craziest family in the world. It was not even clear if they were truly humans, or actually came from another world. This was one story which I mentioned had some dark comedy inside, but of course, with psycho twist as expected from Ito-sensei. 


Another collection of short stories which also stays in my mind was story about Souichi and his family. In most of the stories, Souichi would always try to hurt his cousin, Michina, and his brother Kouichi just because he did not like them. Souichi was one of those twisted characters which I could not accept logically in my head, but still made me curious to know what he would do next.


Overall, I have to admit, aligned with that someone in the internet, that Junji Ito’s manga was the best horror manga I have ever read. It is dark, full of twists, have psycopath characters, unexplained phenomenon, and no clear nor happy ending in any of the stories. Perfectly created for horror lovers! 

(Belated) Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

I missed so many Weekly Photo Challenge, I decided to catch up with all themes determined for August. This post refers to last week’s theme, “Rare”. 

I know I could be more creative, but I really wanted to post these pictures taken just this week when I had dinner and karaoke with my two besties from university, Kiki (haru) and Fitria (ami). 

Ever since we had worked in Jakarta (and Bandung for Fitria) around five years ago, we rarely had the opportunity to meet, even in the weekend. It got more difficult when we were in assignments in different countries: Kiki was in US, Fitria was in Netherlands, and I was in Switzerland. 

The great news is now we are all in the same city, Jakarta. Kiki just came back last May, so we agreed to meet and have some fun like we used to do in the past. I know it will not be “rare” thing again in the future (lol), but at this point of time, the dinner and karaoke was the first after three years, and it is not every day I have great fun with those who know me well. 

So, yeah, here they are🙂


Left to right: Fitria, Kiki and me! 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Finally, back to blog, back to Weekly Photo Challenge which I have missed for couple of weeks! I miss taking pictures. I really do. Since I will be in business trip next week, I wonder if I can take an opportunity to go around and take some pictures. Let’s see🙂

Anyway, here are two pictures for this week’s theme: Frame. The first one was taken in Chateu de Chillon, Montreux, Switzerland when I was there for training, while the later was taken during my trip to Thailand from the highest temple in Khon Kaen. 


Demotivation: How Can I Get Rid Of It? 

I never thought it happened again, but I think I have been somehow demotivated for the last few months. I remember this similar feeling occured three years ago, when I was really overwhelmed with my job and my boss, and was thinking to resign from the company. Luckily, I got the opportunity to go outside the country and gained new experience while building up again my motivation, confidence and excitement to work and live life.

Feeling the same uncertainty in mind, I honestly am not sure whether it is really demotivation because of my work (and life?), or is it just me exaggerating things?

I would not lie that I was upset on some setup in the office, and particularly on the status quo which has been happening for a while. I sometimes do not understand how our management could “reward” their team members only based on something fancy outside, but not necessarily based on the core process. Here I thought we can not judge a book by its cover, but apparently covers were the ones matter thesedays.

It just pissed me off, and made me thought “Whatever, I’ll just go with the flow as I am not a pretender!”

But really, who am I kidding with?

I have been torturing myself by keeping this disappointment inside, but I do not know what to do. I am trying to think positive, but why lately it becomes so difficult? I become so lazy in taking care myself, and I hate it.

I hate myself.

I want to change. I have to change. And I will do it. 

Random: Welcome June, My Favorite Month!

If you are guessing that I was born in June, then I need to treat you a coffee *lol*. I think it is not uncommon that some people like to celebrate their birthday, hence they tend to like their birth month. Yes, I am part of those people, because I like to remind myself on what I have achieved so I can be grateful about it, but more importantly, to also remember what I still need to improve, and what goals yet to reach. 



Okay, maybe I make it a bit complicated than it should, but I can honestly say I love celebrating it because I can have fun with my beloved ones, and particularly enjoying yummy cakes with them.

Of course, without remembering the age part *lol*


When I think a bit longer about it, it seems my favoritism of June is just because I want to have a special time in my life to reflect back and to celebrate life. It is also a coincidence that some good things happened in the very same month. For example, my enrollment in this company, which was one of the best decisions I ever had. It was also in the same month when I started my assignment in Lausanne, Switzerland, and when my lovely nephew was born.

So how about this year?

Funny fact, Ramadhan, the holy month for me and other moslems is actually taking place in June. Ramadhan is a holy month where we are trying our best to prevent ourselves in doing bad things and be better persons. It is a time where you are given a chance to reflect upon yourself and to balance again your spiritual and non-spiritual life.


Having that said, I can happily say I am celebrating June and Ramadhan. Hope you will enjoy June as well! 😎