Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! Wishing us a wonderful year ahead! πŸ™‚


Aaand… it’s December already

Ugh. I am tired to always try finding an excuse for my blogging-hiatus. I think I am just simply a lazy person, with bad time management. I know I gotta change but I keep postponing my plan to write more regularly. I am just afraid it’s also applicable to another part of my life…. postponing to be a better person, maybe? 😒 That thought alone makes me sad now. I really need to change my life rhythm, especially when I am about to be a mother.

Talking about being a mother, I am super excited already (and also nervous)! My estimated delivery date is February 24th, and I am planning to deliver my baby normally. Hopefully everything goes on well and smoothly as planned. Aamiin ya rabbal alamin….

In other hand, I am still surviving with my current job. I really need to revisit my life plan because I’ve been (again) postponing it since few months back. I feel like I am running in the same cycle over and over again. I hate myself for doing it, but I know only me can change it.

Will keep you updated on my next progress. Pray for me! πŸ™‚


In A Journey to Becoming A Mom (2): Pregnancy Experience

Similar like other moms-to-be, during pregnancy I have been experiencing different changes in my body. My body strength, for example. Because my office is located outside my hometown (~60KM), I get to do 2 to 3 hours trip every day from and to Surabaya. Luckily I have a driver which helps a lot because I can get some sleep in the car. However lately I feel very tired when I arrive at home (commonly I arrive at 7.30 – 8.30PM). When I am tired, usually I don’t feel the need to eat, which is bad, because I need to eat regularly to make sure the baby is healthy.

  • I urinate more often than I used to be. This is mainly because the blood flow to the woman’s kidneys increases by up to 35 to 60%. Passing urine frequently can also be influenced by pressure on the woman’s bladder from her growing uterus (source).

pregnancy cartoon 2(Picture source: Pinterest)

  • Both my feet and hands are swollen. Actually it doesn’t hurt, but it creates uncomfortable feeling especially because I could not feel my hands normally. It’s quite difficult to grip something properly when you feel numb in your fingers.

pregnancy cartoon 3(Picture source: Pinterest)

  • I have difficulty to sleep at night, particularly after entering second trimester. The reason could be different time to time, for example I could have shortness of breath, tummy discomfort, or simply because too much thoughts in my head. Though it is not uncommon, but better habit could help in reducing this issue (source).

Hasil gambar untuk insomnia pregnant woman cartoon(Picture source: Pinterest)

Beside these top three “issues”, I have some others which were also disturbing but not as bad as those three. Well, on second thought, the irregular heartbeat was actually pretty intense… but I will share this topic in next entry. For sure this pregnancy experience will continue, and who knows? Maybe I will gain new experience(s) in the following weeks πŸ™‚






Welcome My Little Nephew!

This morning I received a wonderful news from my sister who is currently living in Japan. She gave a birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy! I am super happy and excited to welcome the new member of our big family. My other sister in Jakarta already have two boys, so now the “Boys Club” increasing with a new and also youngest team member 😁

While I am thrilled about this news, in other hand I start to think about my next plan. Somehow becoming a Mom looks way more important now rather than being a working lady who no longer has an energy and true passion on her job. I think I need to consider of finding a new job that fits my passion and also give me the flexibility to enjoy my motherhood. Let’s hope I can get the answer soon ☺️

For now, welcome my little nephew! 😍❀️


In A Journey To Becoming A Mom (1)

Having realized that I am now entering my fifth month of pregnancy, I regret a little bit for not writing anything in my first trimester. This overall pregnancy experience has been so far exciting yet also nerve-racking, since it is my first baby and well, I am not that young anymore. I know that it is not uncommon for women who are in their 30s to have a baby, but still they have more risk compared to those who are still in their 20s.

The fact that I am 33 years old and expecting to deliver my baby when I am almost 34 makes me thinking hard. I have mixed feelings about my situation. It is somehow unavoidable for me to worrying about the pregnancy itself and also the delivery process later on. I have never been a person with a very fit condition, considering I lack exercise and also rarely eat any fruit or veggies. I’m trying to change during my pregnancy by eating more veggies everyday (we book daily catering for breakfast), but I think I can still eat more fruits to boost my stamina. In addition, I try to drink more water. I must say I have some bad habits that can affect my and my baby’s health *sob*. It’s a homework for me to continue pushing myself in making myself better for my baby.

While I am genuinely happy with my pregnancy, I must admit sometimes I think about my life before today. Being a normal person as I am, I can’t help myself thinking about how my current limitation to travel like I used to be with my big belly. I get tired easily, and become quite moody once in a while. Unintentionally I will be a bit jealous when I see some Facebook pages of my friends that show their last vacation trips somewhere.

When that happens, I usually reflect on myself and revisit again all my thinkings. Yes, maybe it will be more difficult to me to do what I want to do now compared to when I was still single. But now I am having one of the greatest time of my life. Becoming a mom is one of my life plan’s goals, and I am on journey to get there. On top of that, it’s not like I cannot do anything at all when I have children later. I just need to adjust my expectation and my plan, then it should be manageable.

There are still months before my due date, and I think I will be learning more during the pregnancy and after having my baby. It will be a long, challenging yet amazing journey ahead, and I am excited embracing it in my life. Please pray the best for me and my little one ❀️

(Picture from Goole image: https://goo.gl/images/oqeEis)


Hello October!

Time passed so fast this year (at least for me). I have mixed feelings about it. Somehow I feel “trapped” in my current job situation, though I have interest on the scope of work that I’ve been doing. In another side, I am excited to soon having a baby (yass, I am four months pregnant now 😻), though I am also nervous on the whole process and also the delivery process which will take place later. I still yet to decide what I want to do next with my career, but being a mom for sure is one life goal that I have been waiting for a while now.

So with that excitement, I welcome you October! 😻

PS. Also at least I can feel like starting over in blogging… 🀭