Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green!

When I saw this theme, I immediately think of the crop which I have been working on for almost seven years: tobacco! Though I started with numbers only, my involvement in Agronomy matters in the last two years makes me somehow interested more and more to this crop, mainly due to to the massive works required to produce this crop at expected quality and volume, but also how it can provide sufficient income to the farmers. 

I have visited some tobacco fields in India, Thailand and Korea, and I am looking forward to visit more in Asia. 

Korean tobacco. Did mot expect to see some tobacco in this country, lol!

Thailand Burley tobacco. See how impressive the crop is? Amazing! 🙂

And Indian tobacco. It was quite hot back then :))

Just for fun, I posted also the green tea latte which I enjoyed a lot during my visit to Korea. Adding a flavor of the “greenish” theme… 😛


Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

I know I have been skipping Weekly Photo Challenge for weeks now, so I will catch up with some of the themes in March (or maybe February’s themes if I find something interesting, hehe). For my first post pf the belated Weekly Photo Challenge, I chose theme “Atop”.

Below pictures were taken from top of Chateau De Gruyere, Switzerland. I love the scenery around the castle, the forests and country houses spread around the area. I would love to come there again someday, hopefully in the near future! 🙂


Hello April! 

After two months of hiatus, I decided to come back and start writing again (yey!). These past weeks I have not really been myself, mainly driven by awkward situation in the office. I thought I managed to get rid of this overwhelmed feeling which occurred since January, but it did not seem to be the case. There were times when I would stop in the middle of the work and really thought, “Do I still want to work in this place?” 😦

I guess time will help me to answer that question *cough*

Other than that, I just came back from my short trip to Japan. Gosh, I love that country! Everything is so clean, organized and systematic. I am thinking if I could live there one day, maybe for two or three years, to get a flavor of living in another country (again) and adapating myself into the environment. Hopefully I could get the opportunity one day *pray*

Post about my Japan trip will come next with some posts on Weekly Photo Challenge. Dear blig, hereee I come! 


Just a quick update about me…

…not that it is really important for you lol *sweat drop*


I really feel that January has passed way too fast. I have been juggling work related matters and wedding preparation since last December, and the fact that the time is getting closer does not make any help. It actually just makes me even more nervous, and in a sense questioning again if I am doing the right thing.

Oh, yes, did I forget to tell you? I am getting married.

*background sound of bells and wedding song*

*followed with a scream*

In one side I am happy that I finally found that someone who will be my partner and take care of me for the rest of my life support each other for the rest of our life. In other side, I am a bit worried because it will change my lifestyle completely and of course, my prioritization. I need to revisit my life plan and adjust accordingly without changing too much my main essential goals inside of it.

Sometimes I am thinking that I might be moving a bit too fast – after all, he proposed me just last November. But I know for sure he loves me, and he will treat me very well. I guess it will be a turning point for both of us – adjusting ourselves to each other, and build a family as we plan. Please pray the best for both of us *bow*

As for work related, I am still waiting final confirmation on what will happen to me. With this change inside our organization, we have no other choice than to accept and embrace it with expectation that it will help us to go even further inside the company. I really like my department anyway, so I truly hope I will still be working on this department, at least for the next few years. Fingers crossed!

That’s all for now.



(Late Review of) 2016 Garuda Travel Fair

Traveling abroad (at least for Indonesian) now is getting easier and easier! 

With more low-cost airlines offering cheaper tickets either to European or Asian Pacific countries, more Indonesian get the opportunity to explore different countries which they commonly know from television or internet. It does not take long for premium airlines to “partially compete” by offering considerably lower ticket price (for the same premium service!) in certain events. 

Garuda Indonesia, the best Indonesia airline (and also the most expensive), has also been following the same approach. Garuda Travel Fair (GATF) has been conducted since 2009 and its scale seems to be bigger and bigger every year. This year, this event even conducted twice, on May and October. I personally was only aware of this event about two years ago, and even though I would have loved to get cheap tickets to fly either to Thailand or Seoul, I was too lazy to stand in long queue and compete with other people to book and buy a ticket. 

This year I decided to visit GATF just out of curiousity, while in the same time looking for flight tickets to Tokyo for my parents next year. Having heard the stories, I prepared myself for the worst (read: long queue, crazy crowd inside the building, shouting for attention in the booth). 

Surprisingly, it was not as bad as I thought. Yes, I had to queue for about two hours before I could get in, but situation inside the building was not too packed as I would have expected. Maybe this was driven by fact that this event occupied two big halls in Jakarta Convention Center (one of big convention center buildings in Jakarya). Or maybe because I was there only during the day, I missed the big crowd which (might have) jeopardized the event 🙂 

 >> Pass card to get into the event

 >> Queue in front of GATF entrance gate  

 >> Aand queue behind me… 😅

In this event, Garuda Airlines (GA) did not sell directly the cheap flight tickets, instead GA was having travel agents as intermediate partners. GA established “Happy Hour” (10AM to 1PM and 4PM to 7PM): a period when certain Garuda flight tickets were sold at cheaper price and had to be booked and bought immediately. Outside the “Happy Hour”, Garuda flight ticket in general was cheaper by around 20-25%, which was still quite good, I must say. But of course, getting ” Happy Hour” price would be the best option 🙂

Some key takeaways from 2016 GATF:

  • Come early so you will face less crowd. Particularly if you want to participate in “cash back” program held by participating/sponsorship bank (this year was BNI), you need to ensure you are part of limited participants
  • Once you are inside, just go to one travel agent which you are comfortable with. All agents will offer you the same price for Garuda flight tickets anyway
  • Browse for international flight tickets instead of domestic. The international flight ticket price in GATF is significantly cheaper than normal. In other hand, domestic flight ticket price does not differ much from normal price
  • Have a clear goal on which flight ticket you want to buy to speed up purchase process in the booth

In the end, I managed to buy Jakarta-Tokyo return flight with USD337/pax. Not bad at all considering it is Garuda. I guess I would not mind to visit the next GATF to do another hunting of cheap flight ticket 🙂