Your Choice, Your Decision

How many times in a day we stop and think, did I make a right choice? Either for something very simple such as clothes or shoes to wear when we go to the office (this might relate more to women), or for some other things which might be more complicated and not necessarily happened on the same day. We might as well be thinking about decisions we made in the past, and wondering if we took the right one.

If we think about it, once a decision made, the only possible output for us is to receive the consequences, whether they are good or bad. Should we are not lucky and have the unfortunate impact, then it will be up to us on how fast we can bounce back (because for sure we will be breaking down for a while) back to our normal selves (yes, it will not be easy, but support from dearest friends and family will surely help). It will eventually make us stronger, and also equip us with knowledge which will help us to prevent similar situation happens in the future. 

With above thinking, I can say that there is no wrong or right decision. When we made a decision, we just have to accept the outcomes. Yes, we might get bad result from our choice, but if it makes us a wiser person with better knowledge, will we still say it is a wrong decision? Of course, this does not mean though that we can choose to do something bluntly without proper thinking. There is an impact of a decision, and it will be good if we can project it to understand the risk of our choice. 

So, be careful to decide, but don’t worry about right or wrong. You will face the consequences anyway, so it will just up to you how to deal with them. Do not regret your choice, because it is part of those actions and experiences which make who you are now. 

PS. This post actually made just because I was thinking on my decision to cancel my planned-short-vacation to stay in Jakarta. As an impact I could not enjoy beach, but I was spending time with my mom, bought some farewell gifts for my friends, and managed to see again one of gentlemen whom I respect a lot. What should I regret for? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Your Choice, Your Decision

  1. Good post. I have been in a limbo myself.
    Anyway….can you tell me a little bit more about this “gentleman you respect”? *ahem*

    • Lol… That gentleman was my 2nd level supervisor when I was in Lausanne. He’s one of few good people managers I’ve known so far.
      So, you still need to find me another bapak-bapak ya 😛

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