A (Very) Short Getaway to HCMC

To answer your question, HCMC is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🙂

This trip was actually not really well planned (sorry mate!). The idea came from my friend in Tintin community, and I thought, why not? Vietnam is also in my list to-visit-countries. In the beginning I plan to spend three days there, but because of sudden change in plan (I must fly back for meeting the next day!), I could only visit Ho Chi Minh for one and half days. 

Ho Chi Minh, in my opinion, could be categorized as an average city which you could find in another South East Asian country. What made it different was the history which built the overall city and the people. Yes, Ho Chi Minh is full of history, though the dark one: Vietnam War.

I am being honest to say that history was not my favorite subject when I was in high school *cough*, so I had only a faint idea on Vietnam war and what caused that war. It was interesting to hear the full story from Viatnemese’s perspective, which seemed to be a bit different from history known by most people in the world. Of course, I am not the best person to judge, but one thing for sure, war is never a good thing. Not only it made people lost their lives, it left deep scars which stay forever in everyone involved in it. I just wish people who actually cause the wars start to realize that fact!

Back to HCMC, one thing that I noticed very clearly was how reckless people were when they drive or ride motorbikes. It was sooo scary to cross the roads in HCMC because most of the time, cars and bikes would not stop for the pedestrians! We had been told to just cross the street without looking right or left, but hell, who could actually do that if those bikes did not slow down even though they were approaching you! At that time I truly felt that Jakarta was way more “polite” compared to HCMC. Lol! 

Overall, it was an okay-ish weekend trip for me. I would love to go to Hanoi and Halong Bay next time I visit Vietnam. By then I would for sure practice my photography technique particularly on landscape. Must start planning it 😛

No Travel post passed the Quality Check in this blog without pictures *lol*, so here they are! 🙂

The War and Remnants Museum. I learnt a lot about the war in this museum. I could not believe all those things people did during the war. Absolutely awful.

The guide tour gave brief introduction about the museum.

One of the tanks in the museum. I saw couple of tanks parked in some governmental buildings around the city. Talking about war leftover…

Cu Chi tunnel, famous tunnel in cu Chi area, which was built by locals to help Vietcong in defending themselves and attacking US soldiers.

One of the landmarks in HCMC: Central Post Office! Nice old bulding. Love it!


Vegetarian Pho! So yummy with big portion. Definitely my favorite 🙂


Random Picture: Santorini, Greece

I was lucky I got the opportunity to travel to some European countries when I had my assignment in Lausanne. Coming from a very homy family, in the beginning I was nervous in doing solo traveling. It took just one trip to prove my concern was unreasonable 🙂

After several trips, I realized that I had my own preference on my trip destination. For example, I’d rather go to places with beautiful nature than big city with fancy shops. In more specific way, it referred more to coastal area rather than mountains. I guess in a way you are knowing yourself better by traveling to different places with different characteristics. 

One of my favorite places which I have visited is Santorini, Greece. In the beginning I was curious when I saw pictures of this beautiful island in internet. The moment I arrived there, I completely fell in love with the island. Magnificent view, good food, friendly people… Nothing really to complaint! Hopefully I can go there again some time in the near future! 🙂 




A short visit to beautiful Morocco

If I look back to the way I used to be, or to be precise, the way I used to think, I would never thought I would dare to go traveling to another country by myself or even with some friends. I really think I have come quite a way (I would not say “long” as I believe I will still be evolving) from my old self. Not too bad, I must say, though I know I could still do and become better moving forward 🙂

With above short self-reflection *cough*, I just want to share my last trip which took place a week ago. Outside of my friends expectations, I went to Morocco, Africa 🙂 In the beginning it was purely a vague plan discussed with a friend of mine as we both were interested in visiting Marrakech but not sure when and how. It was kind of fortune that we managed to do it as I was not sure I would get my leaves approved by my new boss (but eventually I got it, of course). With short period of time to prepare the plan and book necessary accommodation, my friend and I finally hopped into the flight to the continent next to Europe 🙂

Our trip was pretty tight in schedule, mainly driven by my time limitation. I could not take more personal leaves as we have just been starting our new year and I have tons of work to do in the office. So Fafa and Majlo, my younger “sister and brother” tried their best to make sure I would still get the main attractions without harming my time. I owed them a lot for this trip 🙂

We managed to visit Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Zagora. Out of those three place, I must say the place I enjoyed least was Marrakech. It might be driven mainly by the fact that Majlo was got robbed there and no one did care about it, but another factor which was also significant was the way people there kept approaching you to offer everything: food, hostel, attraction, etc. Though I knew they were merely doing their “job”, still I wish they would have let me alone so I could have enjoyed the city even more. Picture of Marrakech which I had on mind before completely wasted after I experienced the city by myself.

Luckily, after we arrived in the next destinations (Ouarzazate and Zagora), we had good time and we enjoyed a lot both cities, not only the view, but also the people there. They were least demanding than people in Marrakech, and also more polite in a way. We even met a very nice guy who became our host and provided us free stay at his hostel (even though in other hand we had to cancel our reservation in another hostel because of that).

The most memorable time I had in Morocco was when we visited the desert and watching the beautiful clear sky with million of stars above our head. It was just beautiful and magical. I felt very small being there, in the middle of nowhere, and realized how lucky I am to be alive and live in this huge, magnificent world. It was the time when I remembered why people often said that life is short, and you just have to enjoy it and make the most of it before it finished. I think they are absolutely right.

With that conclusion ended up my trip, I went back with new spirit to Lausanne, and ready to make the most of my remaining assignment time (which will be the next five months). I will see what will happen next, but I know now I will not hesitate to do what I think the best for me though it might not be ideal. Wish me luck 🙂








Happy Birthday my dear Tintin! :)

Well, well, who ever thought that it has been 85 years since Tintin first published? I started reading his adventure (accompanied by Snowy, of course) when I was in elementary school, simply because my mom kept all the comics (she loves them). It did not take long time for me to fall in love with the comics, and until now, I just could not find better comic than Tintin. Simply said, I became a fan (actually I wrote a post about reasons why I love Tintin, but unfortunately it’s in Indonesian).

It is always exciting to read how he traveled from one place to another and to see him solving mysteries together with Snowy, Captain Haddock, even Thomson and Thompson! If I think about that, I can see why I am totally into detectives or mystery novels/films: they are similar with Tintin (though might be less funny). In a way, Tintin also made me dreamt about adventures. I felt like I visited the places Tintin visited when I read the comics. Now when I’ve grown up, I realized that I could actually do the same as he did: traveling to wherever I want to (as long as you properly plan it :P).

In the end, I could say Tintin gave big impact to me, mostly in positive way (yes, there was negative impact particularly when I was still in school :P). It’s great to know that after 85 years, people still read the comics, and even pass them to their children. I know I will pass them to my children one day 🙂

So, Happy Birthday Tintin! Thanks for inspiring me with your adventures 🙂



Short trip to Annecy

After my last photo hunting with friends in Jakarta (which was long time ago), finally I got a chance to do another one last Sunday with some of my colleagues from the office. It’s a bit last-minute-plan for me as I was only aware about it on Saturday afternoon when I got a call, while the plan was to go on Sunday morning at 7.00 am. Good thing I ended up joining them as it was a good chance to improve my photography skill, though only a baby step 🙂

We went to Annecy, a city in South Eastern France. It’s famous for its lake, the Lac d’Annecy, which was claimed as the cleanest lake in France. I found it’s pretty impressive for France to have such place *no offense dears* 😛

As has been promoted, it was indeed a really nice place. In fact I felt like in a mini version of Venice and I enjoyed a lot being there. I would glad to recommend it as an option for anyone who wants to relax and spend some time with his/her loved ones. It’s a bit a shame though as we did not spend too much time there. I would not mind to stay one night there just to absorb more of the beauties and enjoy every moment while taking lot of pictures 🙂

And as evidences, here are some pictures taken at Annecy last Sunday 😉

Annecy-1 Annecy-3 Annecy-5 Annecy-8 Annecy-9 Annecy-11

Annecy tourism official site : http://en.lac-annecy.com/


Lausanne trip last April (late post indeed…)

As I might have mentioned on my previous posts, I was lucky to get an opportunity to join company training at Lausanne (again). It was my 3rd trip there, and again, I was in love with the city. Why shouldn’t I, if I could have a nice, clean, neat and beautiful city as my living place, at least for two weeks? My only issue was the weather (which was quite cold), but putting on multiple clothes did the trick. The other thing that made me feel lucky was the “partner in crime” also from Indonesia who happened to join the same training with me: Pak Riky Krisno! I met him only several times when I first joined the company and since then never really involved with him. Thus it was a good experience to spend some time with him, sharing some stories (and experiences from his side, of course!) while enjoying some cities in Switzerland 🙂

The training itself was going on well. I met some people who I often communicated with, and some who I have met earlier. One of the participants (there were only 6 participants on the training) looked surprise seeing me know some people there. If only she knew how much time I usually spend to follow up issues with them, then she will understand that it was very normal and not uncommon *smirk* 😛

However, in every side of good thing, there is always bad thing accompanied (if not, then there will be no term of “balance” or “Yin and Yang”, I assume). Most of the participants, or us, gained some weights when we went back to our hometown!! It was not really a surprise though, considering our pattern every single day within two weeks: big lunch and late dinner. We got vouchers for lunch in restaturant at our office, and let me tell you: the lunch was really GOOD. You can choose main course from 4 options, pick salad from salad bar, and get dessert from dessert bar for FREE! As a normal person who loves food and something free, I utilized the opportunity to eat anything I could eat (because I have limitation on food), especially the dessert. Dessert in every lunch time for 2 weeks apparently equals with 2kgs weight gain. That’s a good lesson to learn though, but I believe I will do the same if I’m lucky enough to go there again 😛

On weekends, we went to Wengen (Saturday) and Lucern (Sunday). In actual we planned to go to Jungfrau on Saturday (one of the famous mountains in Switzerland), however the train track was closed due to storm. So we just go around on a small city before Jungfrau without clear plan (what a shame!). However the Lucern trip was really good. We enjoyed going around the city, rode on a boat around the big lake and visited a cool transportation museum ( I wish Indonesia has that kind of museum, really). I would love to go there again if I had a chance to go to Switzerland. That city was really good to have relaxation in 🙂

All in all, it was a really good trip, and I pray to get the chance to go there again!! Amin… 🙂

Here are some pictures from the trip:

You can check the rest on my Facebook (well, if you want…) 😉