Welcome interesting summer!

..though it’s not really the summer that I expected.. yet. We were lucky to have several hot days few weeks ago, but for the last two weeks we have been dealing with some rains, hail and cloudy days. I could not really complain because sometimes I find myself enjoying rain a lot, especially when I am in a romantic mood, while having a cup of hot tea and good book to read. Still, having sun would of course much better for me as I like to go out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather outside my apartment.

Life has been quite tricky so far. I was supposed to come back to Indonesia last June, but then I got an extension for three months, which means I will only fly back to my hometown in September. I was really happy because I got the opportunity to learn more, to travel more and to spend time with my lovely friends here. However every story has two sides, and the other side which was not pretty only known after we experienced the good side, or the other way around. Let’s say that what I have expected apparently not totally become a reality.

Not to say that I am not feeling grateful for this situation – in fact, one factor that might make it happened is the request which I shared before with the management. In a way, I did contribute though it might be very minor. Besides, it does not mean I could not still do things which I like while dealing with reality. I still have my friends and my family who will support me along the way, and they make me feel stronger and happier. I am truly blessed, and I know I should feel grateful every single day for what I have.

So in a good positive spirit, I am looking forward for the summer in Lausanne, to have other travel plans to countries which are still on my to-go-list, and to make the most of my time while I am here before I leave this beautiful place and back to my home country. Or maybe another exotic country. You never know 😛


A glimpse about my trip to Corfu, Greece

When we speak about visiting Greece, we often refer to the famous islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Most of people went there because the magnificent views posted everywhere in the internet. That’s why when I heard that I will go to Corfu island at Greece with Ben and his family, I remembered I raised my eyebrows as I never heard about the island.

Corfu is apparently one of the most visited islands in Greece. It is named as the greenest island in Greece. The island is located a bit far behind Athens and the other famous islands such as Santorini or Mykonos, so you might need to take a look carefully on the map when you’re searching for it.

In actual, the place I visited was not in the centre of Corfu. Located 40km away from Corfu, Lefkimmi was a nice little village with beautiful houses and incredible beaches around. We spent whole days in the Bouka beach as it was perfect beach for Ben’s children with its shallow beginning.

Of course the trip would not be complete without visiting the Corfu city.
Surprisingly, it was a nice European city with stunning aisles and stores around. It somehow reminded me on cities in Italy, but with different building’s type. Though we only had a short time there, I surely was impressed and would not mind to come visiting the island again in the future.

I put some pictures of Bouka beach just to give you a glimpse what I have enjoyed during my holiday 😛

You can get general info about Corfu from our dear Wiki site of course: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corfu





Short trip to Annecy

After my last photo hunting with friends in Jakarta (which was long time ago), finally I got a chance to do another one last Sunday with some of my colleagues from the office. It’s a bit last-minute-plan for me as I was only aware about it on Saturday afternoon when I got a call, while the plan was to go on Sunday morning at 7.00 am. Good thing I ended up joining them as it was a good chance to improve my photography skill, though only a baby step 🙂

We went to Annecy, a city in South Eastern France. It’s famous for its lake, the Lac d’Annecy, which was claimed as the cleanest lake in France. I found it’s pretty impressive for France to have such place *no offense dears* 😛

As has been promoted, it was indeed a really nice place. In fact I felt like in a mini version of Venice and I enjoyed a lot being there. I would glad to recommend it as an option for anyone who wants to relax and spend some time with his/her loved ones. It’s a bit a shame though as we did not spend too much time there. I would not mind to stay one night there just to absorb more of the beauties and enjoy every moment while taking lot of pictures 🙂

And as evidences, here are some pictures taken at Annecy last Sunday 😉

Annecy-1 Annecy-3 Annecy-5 Annecy-8 Annecy-9 Annecy-11

Annecy tourism official site : http://en.lac-annecy.com/


My First Ramadhan in Lausanne

And it is surely different ! 😐

The main difference is pretty clear for me : the time. Back in Indonesia, we used to have our fasting for approximately 13 hours, starting from 4.00AM  in the morning until 6.00PM at night. Though it’s quite tough, but I found it is manageable, especially if you already passed the first week. Meanwhile, because it’s now summer in Lausanne, we have longer days with sunrise at around 4.30AM and sunset at 9.30PM. In the morning I have to stop eating sometime before sunrise (we call it “Imsak” time), which falls at around 3-3.30AM. So in total, I am fasting for 18.5 hours every day during Ramadhan here.

It’s totally challenging to have a very long fasting time during the day; on the 1st and 2nd day I almost fell asleep in the meetings at the office! 😦  Some of my Indonesia colleagues were considering to follow the timing in Indonesia because of the struggle. I personally want to follow the timing here until Ramadhan ends, but let’s see what will happen next week.

Another thing that makes it so different is the fact that there are not many people doing the fasting here. Coming from a country in which 90% of the citizens are moslems and surrounded with strong Islamic culture, I found it was a bit difficult to start my Ramadhan here alone. In Indonesia, because there are a lot of people around you (your friends, your family, your working colleagues, etc.) are also fasting, you would not feel too bad during the day because you will think that you are not alone and lot of people actually feel the same. Here, I barely find someone fasting particularly in the office. Don’t get me wrong, my working colleagues are so nice and friendly, they do not have a heart to eat next to me. But still, knowing that you are doing it alone without a chance to share your experience with people who also do it, makes it harder for me to do it, at least in the beginning.

It’s the 5th day of fasting and I am still trying to get used to it. At least I felt less sleepy yesterday at day in the office; hopefully will last until the very end of Ramadhan!

For everyone who also celebrating Ramadhan, Ramadhan Kareem! Happy Ramadhan! 🙂