(Short) Birthday Reflection

So, as the title implies, today (June 17) is my birthday! 🙂

My birthday

Yes, I am that kind of person who loves to celebrate my own birthday, as much as I love celebrating others. I know there is nothing really special about birthday, considering that you are, well, getting old (and maybe a bit wiser, lol). But at least for me, birthday is a time to have a quick stop (sometimes a bit too quick) and revisit again my life, to see what I have done, what goals I have achieved, and what other things I still want to accomplish in my life. It does not sounds as “heavy” as it is, really. It is more like a peek on my continuous life.

To start with, I can easily state that 2017 is a life-changing-year for me. I just got married about 1.5 months ago (yay!) with one of the nicest person I have ever known. It is huge for me because for the last couple of years, I have been dealing with my frustration on finding the right partner in life. When I thought that I would just go with the flow and kind of accepting whatever fate I would have, this major event came and change my life completely. (I will share story of my wedding preparation and our instant-love-story in separate post, just because I want to, hehe 😉 ).

Not only in personal life, another change also happened in my professional life. I have been promoted to a higher position with a team of four. Simultaneously, I had to relocate from Jakarta to Sukorejo (Pandaan), East Java. When I first received the news from my bosses, I was having mixed feelings. I was happy because I have been moving forward steadily with my career path in the company (which is truly a bless!), plus I would go back to my hometown in Surabaya and live together with my husband. However this also meant I had to say goodbye to my old team and friends who will stay in Jakarta or move to another place. I had to leave my sister and her family as well, whom I have lived with for the last three years.

Changes are never easy, especially if it impacts your life significantly. These last six months have been quite challenging for me. In Q1, I was overwhelmed with all wedding preparation. I was very lucky that Rendy (my hubby) was actively supporting me by coordinating with the vendors and our families to ensure that the preparation went smoothly. While the wedding-stress was gradually decreasing, I gained another concern which was linked to my job: short transition process into my new role and responsibility. Everything had happened so fast, I barely had time to think if I had been doing all these changes properly, or if I should have done it differently to get better result.

In the end, I think I would say that, even though I could have done better in facing all these changes in the first six months of 2017, I managed to go through it pretty smoothly. I don’t think this would have happened without the support from my hubby, my families and friends. A new chapter of my life has just been starting, and going to have a long run in the future. I am excited, and looking forward to see how it goes (and experience it, of course!) together with my partner in life (and crime, lol). With that feeling, I will pause my reflection here, and continue in the next peek-on-my-life session. Until then!


Talking About Life Plan

Life plan. How many of us have been preparing it, or even thinking about it? Some people might really have put some thought and time to develop theirs, but I am pretty sure not many people are aware about it. Some others might think they have had it, though in reality it might not be fully comprehensive.

Honestly speaking, I did not have it, at least not until one and half year ago. Funny enough, my life plan was actually created not because I hit my head one day and thought, “Ah! It is time for me to map down on what I want to do with my life!”, but because one of my best friends “forced” me to make one in one of our discussions. He had created his since he was about my age and has been updating it continuously since then. Something which undoubtedly makes sense as we are evolving along our life. 

He is a pushy (but also very nice) guy, so it was kind of challenging discussion for me. In the end, I had my preliminary life plan which somehow covered some of my goals in life. Though I was overwhelmed during the process, I had to admit it helped me a lot in shaping my mind and direction in life. It forced me to think deeper on one main question every person has in his or her life: what is your purpose of life? It is not an easy question to answer, but at that time, I thought I had answered it and was satisfied enough with my plan. I promised to myself and him to keep updating it as I evolve. 

Apparently it was not easy as it seemed. At least for me.

Only after five months since I was back in Jakarta, I truly believed I knew what I want to do with my life, and what goals I wanted to achieve. I realized it would be very challenging as it was something new for me (and I am still a novice as per today, really), yet I was (and am) very excited to learn as much as possible to reach my dream. That thought alone makes me happy, and in a way, makes me convinced that I am heading to the right direction.

That being said, I am left with big homework which urgently needs to be done: revisit, modify and update my life plan with new insight and full understanding where I want to go. It is exciting and making me nervous in the same time, but I am enjoying the process. 

Care to join the same excitement I felt by making yours? 😉


Welcome interesting summer!

..though it’s not really the summer that I expected.. yet. We were lucky to have several hot days few weeks ago, but for the last two weeks we have been dealing with some rains, hail and cloudy days. I could not really complain because sometimes I find myself enjoying rain a lot, especially when I am in a romantic mood, while having a cup of hot tea and good book to read. Still, having sun would of course much better for me as I like to go out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather outside my apartment.

Life has been quite tricky so far. I was supposed to come back to Indonesia last June, but then I got an extension for three months, which means I will only fly back to my hometown in September. I was really happy because I got the opportunity to learn more, to travel more and to spend time with my lovely friends here. However every story has two sides, and the other side which was not pretty only known after we experienced the good side, or the other way around. Let’s say that what I have expected apparently not totally become a reality.

Not to say that I am not feeling grateful for this situation – in fact, one factor that might make it happened is the request which I shared before with the management. In a way, I did contribute though it might be very minor. Besides, it does not mean I could not still do things which I like while dealing with reality. I still have my friends and my family who will support me along the way, and they make me feel stronger and happier. I am truly blessed, and I know I should feel grateful every single day for what I have.

So in a good positive spirit, I am looking forward for the summer in Lausanne, to have other travel plans to countries which are still on my to-go-list, and to make the most of my time while I am here before I leave this beautiful place and back to my home country. Or maybe another exotic country. You never know 😛


A short visit to beautiful Morocco

If I look back to the way I used to be, or to be precise, the way I used to think, I would never thought I would dare to go traveling to another country by myself or even with some friends. I really think I have come quite a way (I would not say “long” as I believe I will still be evolving) from my old self. Not too bad, I must say, though I know I could still do and become better moving forward 🙂

With above short self-reflection *cough*, I just want to share my last trip which took place a week ago. Outside of my friends expectations, I went to Morocco, Africa 🙂 In the beginning it was purely a vague plan discussed with a friend of mine as we both were interested in visiting Marrakech but not sure when and how. It was kind of fortune that we managed to do it as I was not sure I would get my leaves approved by my new boss (but eventually I got it, of course). With short period of time to prepare the plan and book necessary accommodation, my friend and I finally hopped into the flight to the continent next to Europe 🙂

Our trip was pretty tight in schedule, mainly driven by my time limitation. I could not take more personal leaves as we have just been starting our new year and I have tons of work to do in the office. So Fafa and Majlo, my younger “sister and brother” tried their best to make sure I would still get the main attractions without harming my time. I owed them a lot for this trip 🙂

We managed to visit Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Zagora. Out of those three place, I must say the place I enjoyed least was Marrakech. It might be driven mainly by the fact that Majlo was got robbed there and no one did care about it, but another factor which was also significant was the way people there kept approaching you to offer everything: food, hostel, attraction, etc. Though I knew they were merely doing their “job”, still I wish they would have let me alone so I could have enjoyed the city even more. Picture of Marrakech which I had on mind before completely wasted after I experienced the city by myself.

Luckily, after we arrived in the next destinations (Ouarzazate and Zagora), we had good time and we enjoyed a lot both cities, not only the view, but also the people there. They were least demanding than people in Marrakech, and also more polite in a way. We even met a very nice guy who became our host and provided us free stay at his hostel (even though in other hand we had to cancel our reservation in another hostel because of that).

The most memorable time I had in Morocco was when we visited the desert and watching the beautiful clear sky with million of stars above our head. It was just beautiful and magical. I felt very small being there, in the middle of nowhere, and realized how lucky I am to be alive and live in this huge, magnificent world. It was the time when I remembered why people often said that life is short, and you just have to enjoy it and make the most of it before it finished. I think they are absolutely right.

With that conclusion ended up my trip, I went back with new spirit to Lausanne, and ready to make the most of my remaining assignment time (which will be the next five months). I will see what will happen next, but I know now I will not hesitate to do what I think the best for me though it might not be ideal. Wish me luck 🙂








It Has Been An Overwhelming Weeks..

…and seems it will not stop yet until next following weeks. I thought I managed to deal with it last month, but apparently my unconscious mind has piled up so much frustrations and confusions for some time already. Today, everything was just spilled out. So yeah, I can say it was not really a ‘Friday’ for me.

Perhaps you can tell that the main reason of my uneasy feeling is pretty much clear. Job related, of course (and unfortunately). I think job is one of the most common things that always makes people feel bad, besides love, money and family. I love my job. I do think it is challenging and interesting. But I was more in love with the job because of the people around me back then. Let’s just say that somehow we’re
‘synchronized’, despite how different we are as characters.

As I say, I still love my job. However not like before, I feel less enthusiastic day by day because of the people around me. New people are naturally found everywhere. But if no trust between them and me, then what’s the point?

It has been a tough week and many more still to come. Hopefully I will feel much better tomorrow and next week after I cool down a little bit.

For now, have a nice Friday night folks! 🙂


Here I am again, dear blog

After being overwhelmed for the last couple of weeks, finally I find myself standing in quite a stable place of mind. I hate to say that I might be too affected with my work and everything inside it, but I realized that it might be true. Having had my last year working assessment either from myself, working colleagues and my manager, I somehow drowned into a hole which created by myself. It didn’t take long time to see that I overreacted on this matter, but darn it was difficult to convince myself that it was useless and the only one matters in life is actually just to be happy. Slowly but sure I am back to the right path, path where I can be myself and, as my previous colleague said, “Do whatever I want.”, without thinking too much about life. And what’s better to show this positive trend except a post in my dear blog?

So here I am again, ready to embrace myself fully and share what I want to share in this blog instead of keeping it by myself. I remember one my friends said that keeping all emotions by ourselves could make us being old too fast. Well, I am still 27 and surely I don’t want to get old too fast before I find the right partner of my life! 😀

As the closure news of this post, you might be aware (or maybe not, it depends :P) that I have a big news this year related to my life which I am ready to gain new experience from. Well here it is: I am going to go abroad for a short term assignment for one year starting on April. Documents have been prepared but not yet submitted to related embassy. More details will come next month once I get a full grip on this matter. Until then, wish me luck and hopefully everything will go on smoothly until the big day comes!


Movie Review : “Life of Pi” (2012)


Title : Life of Pi
Director : Ang Lee
Writers: David Magee (screenplay), Yann Martel (novel)
Stars : Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Adil Hussain

Everyone has his/her own story of life, either it is ordinary or extra ordinary for him/her or for other people. For Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma/Irrfan Khan), becoming the only survivor of shipwreck in the middle of Pacific Ocean taught him about life, faith and most important thing, God. Not only he had to spend days on a lifeboat in the middle of nowhere, he also had to “cooperate” with another companion which happened to be a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. His fear of being eaten by Richard Parker unexpectedly forced him to fight and survive day by day until he finally reached a land one day and saved. Simply said, an animal that supposed to be his enemy in actual saved his life, and in addition made he realized that God is always there even when he was at his lowest faith.

That was pretty much the main idea of this movie which was performed beautifully on silver screen. Of course, Pi’s other version of the story in the end made you wondering which one the right story was. But as Pi said, no matter what version you chose to believe, there was one fact that remained : Pi had lost his family and been suffered a lot for days in ocean. I guess it then depends on people to take the more convenient story for them to digest and accept it as the way it is.

I found myself fell in love with this movie. I haven’t read the book, but now I am dying to find and read the book. How the story being told from one scene to another made me really curious on how it was described on Matel’s novel.

Ang Lee surely did a great job on this movie, particularly for the computer graphic and also beautiful sceneries all over the place. It might be even better if you watched the 3D version since we could taste Pi’s experience in ocean ( I only watched the regular version though :P). So many views took my breath away, and several times I wish I had been on the boat with Pi to take some pictures with my camera, e.g. the sunrise and sunset scenes which were really beautiful.

Suraj Sharma and Irrfan Khan did their job well as Pi, though I was more convinced with Irrfan as adult Pi. The transition from child Pi until adult Pi was nicely performed, I could actually believe that Pi had always been a unique character, and being a survivor was just a way to reconfirm his different way in seeing life and God. Another character which somehow made me felt compassion was Richard Parker. Sure, he was a Bengal tiger and a wild animal, but I could feel his presence deeply and in the same time also feel sorry for him to be also a shipwreck survivor. Richard Parker felt almost like a humanly wild animal for me, which might not be too surprising if we refer back to Pi’s other story.

Overall, it was a good movie to watch, not only for the interesting story, but also for beautiful images and graphics along the way. In the end, I can only think about how people could do anything to survive for their live, and how people would believe what they want to believe to give them strength in continuing their life. It was just a matter of choice, and either way, as long as you feel comfortable and happy with it, nothing is wrong with it.

Score : 4 of 5 stars. Go watch it! 🙂