Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

ev·a·nes·cent [evəˈnes(ə)nt]


Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.

My team in the office has been experiencing major transformation which forced us to split and work in different location starting last month. I am lucky to move back to my hometown, however my colleagues and friends need to move out to another country or city, which of course a big change in their and their family live. 

Though we can still be in contact with one another, as many option of communication media is available, I know it will not be the same again. Our day to day interaction will be reduced a lot since we are not in the same office anymore. People tend to forget, as much as they want to keep remembering the good old feeling.

I might sound a bit too sentimental, but what can I say. I am anyway a people-person :”)

Good luck for all of us, and for sure I will miss you a lot guys. Hope to see any of you somewhere across the globe in the near future!


Another Wefie Day (again) In The Office!

So I will be a bit cheating for my redeem-because-I-did-not-write-yesterday post as I am tired and it is already 11PM in Jakarta. I guess you know how I will do it: by posting pictures!

It is a beautiful coincidence that today I decided to have wefie sessions with my friends and colleagues in the office after hiatus for some time (yes, I consider it as an important program to execute time to time). Luckily my new boss was cool enough to understand my behavior, and to also join us to do wefie 😛

Without further ado, here are the wefie pictures!

Counter clockwise: Hasna, Mauro (my new boss who becomes idol in our department now and you can see why), myself, Eva and Kiki. 

Mauro said, “Rawr!!!”

  With Pasquale, our new colleague from Italy. Lately he loves to make fun of me! Argh!

 I like making funny face….

  One of my favorite colleagues in the office: Topkins the Knife! 

  With my favorite big brother, Efe! 🙂

   Hasna: “Eeehhh… Efe is strangled?” :))

 Team of five… Look normal…

  …or not. Yeaahh for funny faces!!! :))))

Aaand my favorite picture so far was the one with my girls: Hasna and Kiki. So grateful to have them as friends 🙂 


Off to sleep now!


Weekly Photo Challenge : Family

Oh my God. I just posted my late Weekly Photo Challenge of Window, and few minutes later I noticed the new theme was already announced: Family. The word which I love to hear anytime and anywhere. The word that makes me smile and feel warm inside. I am not even sure if I can just post one picture for this challenge as I might post pictures of all my loved ones *cough*

Family for me is not only about my parents and my sisters (though I love them so much), but also about my friends and my colleagues who make me happy and motivated in daily basis. Family is those people around me who are there when I am in joy, but not leaving when I am feeling down. So you would understand why I said I couldn’t only post one picture as I have some people around me who I consider as family 🙂

As a result, I make a collage of my family to accommodate this theme. Might not be perfect, might not be considered as one complete picture, but I love it, and that’s the important thing. To my dear family, I love you all fully 🙂

Collage me_2



As I was absent for quite some time in updating my blog, I rarely participate on weekly photo challenge initiated by daily wordpress. However this week’s topic is quite interesting I could not resist to do some posting about it. In fact, it’s so fascinating that I make this post before posting the pictures for the challenge.

The topic for this week is happy. In a simple way, I have to post pictures of anything that makes me happy. Thinking about things that makes me happy somehow makes me happy already. Quite confusing I guess? 😛 Indeed I feel excited just to think about who or what that could make me happy inside. Maybe because I can think positively about lot of things when I feel happy, and I like it.

So many things could make me happy, but first thing came to my mind was family and friends. I just love spending time with my family if possible and of course with good friends of mine. They hold important role as part of my life and will affect me either realized or not. Seeing them happy makes me happy, even more if I can make them happy. That will always make my day marvelous.

Books, writing and coffee are next things that could make me happy especially when I am alone. I love blogging and making stories as I am forced to imagine and think about things I want to write. Reading a book, especially a good novel also gives me an opportunity to build another world inside my mind which I really like.

In the end, I still have tons of things that make me happy. Though I realize that my relationship with people; family, friends, work colleagues, etc. is the most affecting thing that could turn my happiness up side down just by second, but also make me happy for a long time. Talking about person as social creature 🙂


First Ramadhan Gathering with Stoners

I was not really sure firstly what will be the correct title for this post. In Indonesian, I can easily put “Bukber pertama dengan Stoners” or literally translated as “Breaking the fast together for the first time with Stoners” which, in my opinion, doesn’t sound really nice for a title. So I decided to put above title instead. This for me is a good example about the importance of knowing more vocabularies, learning correct grammar and knowing more idioms so I can express my thoughts in English correctly.

Back to the topic, I think this is a common thing that always happens during Ramadhan. Whether with your college friends, high school friends, or working colleagues, I believe everyone will at least have a plan (or plans) to gather and breaking the fast together as it has been considered as habit in our society in Indonesia. It’s a nice thing to do of course, because you could meet some dear old friends who you haven’t met for some time, you get to know how they are doing and indirectly, you actually re-link your connection with them. Afterward, all you need to do is maintaining the relationship, even though it is not as easy as it seems. That’s why I always looking forward to have this gathering with my friends.

Good thing that some of my friends had the same idea, hence we decided to have the first Ramadhan gathering today, at the 2nd day of fasting (or 1st day for most people). Not all of our friends could join of course, so there were only 20 7 people including me met together at Plaza Semanggi Jakarta *smile* 😛 Despite the fact that there were only few people joined the plan, I personally thought it was fun, and I hoped that we could have the next ones soon with more people. As I mentioned, re-connecting with person, especially dear old friends, will give you good feeling, and strengthen your relationship and network. That sounds good for me to keep doing it! 🙂

And here are the “victims” of today’s gathering!! 😛

I am waiting for the next Ramadhan gathering, hopefully soon! 🙂