Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Looking at this week’s theme of photo challenge makes me miss my camera. It has been a while since I last used it. I was learning photography in 2013 and also during my assignment in Switzerland. However after I came back to Indonesia, I was having difficulty to manage my time. Well, maybe also difficulty to manage my life somehow. I was fully occuppied with works with quite limited time to really do my hobby or something that I love to do. Not that I did not like my job back then, actually it was one of the most challenging and interesting job I have ever had. I could travel to different country, like India for instance, and I got to know new people and build my network.

Anyway, back to the topic, this time I post two pictures which I think could represent theme of Focus. The first picture taken during my flight from Jakarta to Surabaya, of course taken in flight mode 🙂

The other picture was taken during my trip to Japan when we were lucky to at least get a glimpse of sakura. Hope you will like them! 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

ev·a·nes·cent [evəˈnes(ə)nt]


Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.

My team in the office has been experiencing major transformation which forced us to split and work in different location starting last month. I am lucky to move back to my hometown, however my colleagues and friends need to move out to another country or city, which of course a big change in their and their family live. 

Though we can still be in contact with one another, as many option of communication media is available, I know it will not be the same again. Our day to day interaction will be reduced a lot since we are not in the same office anymore. People tend to forget, as much as they want to keep remembering the good old feeling.

I might sound a bit too sentimental, but what can I say. I am anyway a people-person :”)

Good luck for all of us, and for sure I will miss you a lot guys. Hope to see any of you somewhere across the globe in the near future!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

Recently I got a very surprising news from one of my best friends. He is currently having major change in his life, and potentially will move out from the country he has been living in for the last two years. I am still waiting for his final plan, but somehow I am expecting him to move closer to Indonesia so I can see him and his family again soon 🙂

He was my first boss and has been a mentor, teacher and fortunately, good friend and part of the family. Miss you a lot Ben. Looking forward to see you again soon! 



Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green!

When I saw this theme, I immediately think of the crop which I have been working on for almost seven years: tobacco! Though I started with numbers only, my involvement in Agronomy matters in the last two years makes me somehow interested more and more to this crop, mainly due to to the massive works required to produce this crop at expected quality and volume, but also how it can provide sufficient income to the farmers. 

I have visited some tobacco fields in India, Thailand and Korea, and I am looking forward to visit more in Asia. 

Korean tobacco. Did mot expect to see some tobacco in this country, lol!

Thailand Burley tobacco. See how impressive the crop is? Amazing! 🙂

And Indian tobacco. It was quite hot back then :))

Just for fun, I posted also the green tea latte which I enjoyed a lot during my visit to Korea. Adding a flavor of the “greenish” theme… 😛


Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

I know I have been skipping Weekly Photo Challenge for weeks now, so I will catch up with some of the themes in March (or maybe February’s themes if I find something interesting, hehe). For my first post pf the belated Weekly Photo Challenge, I chose theme “Atop”.

Below pictures were taken from top of Chateau De Gruyere, Switzerland. I love the scenery around the castle, the forests and country houses spread around the area. I would love to come there again someday, hopefully in the near future! 🙂