Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green!

When I saw this theme, I immediately think of the crop which I have been working on for almost seven years: tobacco! Though I started with numbers only, my involvement in Agronomy matters in the last two years makes me somehow interested more and more to this crop, mainly due to to the massive works required to produce this crop at expected quality and volume, but also how it can provide sufficient income to the farmers. 

I have visited some tobacco fields in India, Thailand and Korea, and I am looking forward to visit more in Asia. 

Korean tobacco. Did mot expect to see some tobacco in this country, lol!

Thailand Burley tobacco. See how impressive the crop is? Amazing! πŸ™‚

And Indian tobacco. It was quite hot back then :))

Just for fun, I posted also the green tea latte which I enjoyed a lot during my visit to Korea. Adding a flavor of the “greenish” theme… πŸ˜›


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