Photo Challenge: Dense

Still catching up with belated weekly photo challenges, this time I am posting some pictures for the theme of “Dense”. I think the love padlocks in N Seoul tower, South Korea, represent this theme quite well. Too bad I did not get a chance to put any padlock back then. Maybe next time I will put one…with my new hubby :p


Photo Challenge: It Is Easy Being Green!

When I saw this theme, I immediately think of the crop which I have been working on for almost seven years: tobacco! Though I started with numbers only, my involvement in Agronomy matters in the last two years makes me somehow interested more and more to this crop, mainly due to to the massive works required to produce this crop at expected quality and volume, but also how it can provide sufficient income to the farmers. 

I have visited some tobacco fields in India, Thailand and Korea, and I am looking forward to visit more in Asia. 

Korean tobacco. Did mot expect to see some tobacco in this country, lol!

Thailand Burley tobacco. See how impressive the crop is? Amazing! 🙂

And Indian tobacco. It was quite hot back then :))

Just for fun, I posted also the green tea latte which I enjoyed a lot during my visit to Korea. Adding a flavor of the “greenish” theme… 😛


Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

I know I have been skipping Weekly Photo Challenge for weeks now, so I will catch up with some of the themes in March (or maybe February’s themes if I find something interesting, hehe). For my first post pf the belated Weekly Photo Challenge, I chose theme “Atop”.

Below pictures were taken from top of Chateau De Gruyere, Switzerland. I love the scenery around the castle, the forests and country houses spread around the area. I would love to come there again someday, hopefully in the near future! 🙂


Hello April! 

After two months of hiatus, I decided to come back and start writing again (yey!). These past weeks I have not really been myself, mainly driven by awkward situation in the office. I thought I managed to get rid of this overwhelmed feeling which occurred since January, but it did not seem to be the case. There were times when I would stop in the middle of the work and really thought, “Do I still want to work in this place?” 😦

I guess time will help me to answer that question *cough*

Other than that, I just came back from my short trip to Japan. Gosh, I love that country! Everything is so clean, organized and systematic. I am thinking if I could live there one day, maybe for two or three years, to get a flavor of living in another country (again) and adapating myself into the environment. Hopefully I could get the opportunity one day *pray*

Post about my Japan trip will come next with some posts on Weekly Photo Challenge. Dear blig, hereee I come!