(Belated) Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

I did not know where to start when I first read this theme. Thoughts were flying in my head, flashing pictures of my dear friends whom I miss so much. I have always been a people-person, so relationship with people really matters for me, which I think could be my strength yet also my weakness in the same time. 

Lately I have been missing my brothers and sisters in Europe. I was lucky to meet and engage with them closely during my assignment in Lausanne. For sure they have special place in my heart, and I wish my friendship with them will last forever. 

My three brothers and me! Christian, Adrian, me and Paul. We had wonderful time back then! 😍

I used to call them The Planning Musketeers, lol! Christian, Adrian and Edouard. Edouard retired three years ago and now enjoying his retirement period. 

My Australian-and-kind-of-half-Indonesian brother, Ben! I just love him and his family so much!! 

Adrian, my Romanian brother. He is one of the kindest man I have ever known. I always wish him for the best in his life as he totally deserves it. 

My beautiful sister, Basak! I adore and admire her not only as a supervisor, but also a professional, a strong woman, a soft hearted person and also a big sister! 

My very first teacher on company system, Edouard. Smart, full of jokes though sometimes could be really stubborn. I miss you Ed! Hope to see you soon in the near future! 


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