Tintin Community in 2016 Indonesia Comic Con

Seems otaku, manga and anime lovers and pop culture fans in Indonesia could channel their passion more and more now! Continuing the success last year, ReedPop together with Reed Panorama exhibition conducted the second Indonesia Comic Con (ICC) this year on October 1st and 2nd. To put it simply, ICC is a big exhibition which brings us various pop culture aspects such as comics, manga, anime, games and others to all Indonesia fans. As quoted in their official site

Indonesia Comic Con brings the best pop culture experience from both East and West in celebration of the latest content from comics, anime, toys, collectibles, games, TV, film and entertainment to dedicated fans across Indonesia.

I am not a die-hard-fan of specific manga, comic, anime or cartoon (except Tintin), so I ashamedly admit that I did not know much about the guest stars and the comic artist guests. I only know few of local comic artists attended the event (sorry!). 

Though I could not enjoy performance of the guest stars, I enjoyed visiting various booths, such as community booth (Star Trek com., Star Wars com., Marvel com., etc.), local comic, toys shop, etc. One of the booths sold cute things made by disabled people which I really appreciated. 


Beside the booths, I enjoyed performance of cosplayers who portrayed different characters, either with a simple costume, or a quite complicated one. Too bad I did not get a chance to chase them and take their pictures 😩 I only managed to take one picture with this madhatter 😅

My community, Indonesia Tintin Community or Komunitas Tintin Indonesia in bahasa (KTI), was lucky to get a booth in 2016 ICC, similar like last year. This time we got a bigger area, and still, we did not have enough space for our members who came to stand-by and supporting the event. 

People might wonder what we were doing in the booth. Well, first, we introduced ourselves to other people to make them aware that there is a community of people who really love Tintin. Second, we have some talented people in our group, so it was a good opportunity for us to promote their products with tribute to Tintin.

For me, opportunity to gather with other members of KTI is always delightful, considering that we are all quite different, yet we somehow can connect nicely because of this fictional reporter who solved mysterious cases and traveled around the world! They are funny, smart, and more importantly, makes me feel like I am part ofa family, and that matters.

I was cosplaying as Tintin (some called me Tintin “hijab”, obviously because I wore hijab, lol) at ICC because I thought it would be fun (and it was, though some people were not aware about it, huhu). It was my second time dressing up as Tintin and I personally think it was not too bad…what do you think?*cough* 

Of course, beside Tintin, there was also Captain Haddock, Tintin’s best friend! Oom Berthold is a senior in KTI and he has been cosplaying Haddock since the very beginning this community founded. I looked like a true amateur standing next to this gent! Lol 

I am thinking to cosplay differently next time…maybe as Abdullah? Or Calculus?  ðŸ˜ƒ

All in all, we had lot of fun in this event. We took a lot of pictures, maybe even more than the visitors of our booth! Seems most of KTI members are part-timing as models! 😅😂


Lol.. You can see how crazy we were in the last picture 😂😂 It was a great moment 😁

See you next year, Indonesia Comic-Con! 😎❤️


3 thoughts on “Tintin Community in 2016 Indonesia Comic Con

  1. I’m not a fan of comic con but I like the effort they put to make it successful. I think it’s also fun. 🙂 It’s becoming famous lately, I think it will continue to do so in the coming years. 🙂

    • I agree! I think it will still be popular for the upcoming years. It is indeed fun though I might not understand fully everything inside 😝 I enjoy coming to comic con just to look around and see if something is interesting, lol

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