Being Intrigued by The 2nd Moon gugak project…

..and it all started with my obsession to reality show “I Can See Your Voice”.

For you who don’t know, “I Can See Your Voice” (ICSYV) is a Korean reality show which has a professional singer guessing from a group of people, who can sing well and who can’t. If a contestant who can’t sing well is chosen in the end of the show, he or she will earn a monetary prize. While if contestant who can sing well is chosen, he or she will be able to sing a duet with the singer and release it as a digital single (you can see more details in wikipedia). I have been into this show mainly because of its concept: “Don’t judge book by its cover”, which of course is a reality in this show because really, you can not know if someone good at singing only from their appearance or even lypsinc performance. Plus, it is so funny 🙂

Anyway, I was enjoying some ICSYV episodes in youtube when I suddenly saw this clip:

I immediately fell in love. 

I fell in love with the guy (you can’t blame me for this..he’s cute!), his voice and particularly the music. 

The music is beautiful, I cannot get it enough. It keeps playing in my head, and I keep repeating this clip over and over again. 

I found out later that he is Kim Jun-Su, a Pansori (wiki) and Gugak (wiki) singer who is now collaborating with Korean fusion band named The 2nd Moon. The band itself is not a newcomer in Korean music industry. In fact they have won some awards in 2006 Korean Music Award and also produced soundtracks for a very popular Korean drama, Princess Hours (wiki). They just released their gugak project album, A Butterfly’s Dream, and both songs sang by Kim Jun-Su in ICSYV; Farewell Song and Here Comes The Royal Inspector, are part of the album’s tracks.

Driven by curiosity, I got their album even though I have no clue what the album is about. The 2nd Moon admin in Facebook was kind enough to share me a summary of the album which gives me a flavor on story that is being conveyed by each song. So far Jeokseong-ga (Jeokseong Song) and Eosa Chooldoo (Here Comes the Royal Inspector) are my favorites (maybe I will share my thought on the songs in separate post…).

A Butterfly’s Dream has not only made me attracted to Korean traditional music, but also made me think a bit further: can’t we implement the same approach in Indonesia? I know I am not the best person to criticize considering I am not skilled in music or any cultural thing, but I think I will pretty much enjoy a customized traditional music which will have some kind of modern touch, but not forgetting the traditional root in it. I have no doubt it will make people start loving their culture again. Am I exaggerating? I wonder…

Overall, I am quite enjoying this project of The 2nd Moon. I really want to see their live performance because I think it will give different atmosphere when I listen to them directly and not through digital music. Let’s see if I can get an opportunity in the near future. 

P.S. You can get more information on The 2nd Moon from their Facebook page (in Korean though. Good thing FB has translation function now!) and also from this short clip:

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