(Belated) Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

I missed so many Weekly Photo Challenge, I decided to catch up with all themes determined for August. This post refers to last week’s theme, “Rare”. 

I know I could be more creative, but I really wanted to post these pictures taken just this week when I had dinner and karaoke with my two besties from university, Kiki (haru) and Fitria (ami). 

Ever since we had worked in Jakarta (and Bandung for Fitria) around five years ago, we rarely had the opportunity to meet, even in the weekend. It got more difficult when we were in assignments in different countries: Kiki was in US, Fitria was in Netherlands, and I was in Switzerland. 

The great news is now we are all in the same city, Jakarta. Kiki just came back last May, so we agreed to meet and have some fun like we used to do in the past. I know it will not be “rare” thing again in the future (lol), but at this point of time, the dinner and karaoke was the first after three years, and it is not every day I have great fun with those who know me well. 

So, yeah, here they are 🙂


Left to right: Fitria, Kiki and me! 


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