Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, A Festive for Bookworms


This past two weeks, all book lovers and bookworms in Indonesia were spoiled with this special event of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (BBW). This event originally held in Malaysia and has been an annual event in many cities there since then. As mentioned in Jakarta Post, a franchise of BBW was bought by PT Jaya Retail with Uli Silalahi as director. Uli personally asked BBW to hold a sale in Jakarta due to the low literacy rates in Indonesia.

BBW took place in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD city, with total of 40 containers and 2 million books. They claimed they put huge reduction in all the books, which I found true when I went there yesterday. The E hall in ICE turned into “sea” of books since you could see books wherever you see.



I went there and spent around four hours “only”, considering I could have spent more than my budget if I have stayed longer. The books were classified to certain groups: Children (which had the most collection and occupied almost half of the hall), Non-Fiction (I think second big collection after Children genre), Fiction, Young Adult and Indonesian books by Mizan. I spent my time in Fiction section and still I could not finish checking all the books provided on the tables! I guess it their claim that everyone would find something interesting in this sale was reasonable. Well, how wouldn’t you if you have thousands of books lying before your eyes? 🙂



Some points in BBW which I noticed from my short observation: 

  • Pretty clear that the titles are not new ones, but at least some of them are popular ones  
  • Some books are scattered around different tables and sessions so open your eyes open widely!
  • Fix price was tagged in each book. For novel, it ranged between 45K to 70K IDR. Not too bad! Price even better for photography or architecture books.
  • Most of the authors were not recognizable, at least for me. I could not find some famous authors whose titles should have been available though they are not new
  • Lack of carts though boxes are available everywhere 

All in all, I enjoyed my four-hours-visit to BBW. As a bookworm-wannabe *cough*, I know I am just continuing my “sin” by adding more books to my to-read-list. But as people said, what can you do? 🙂


Gotta find a place for these books and start reading… *cough* 

PS. More info about this event can be found on below links:  (in Indonesian)


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