Random Pic: Turkish Tulips

You might be aware that I am interested in photography, even though lately I have not taken any picture at all *cough*. I started learning (entry level) photography around five years ago, and managed to save some money to buy a nice camera (which is still being used – Canon 60D). The difficulty to do it has always been my time management; it has been challenging to manage my working time, family and personal time. Yes, it is a lame excuse, but unfortunately that happened 🙂

So to push myself, I will start again something which I tried to do in the past: posting a picture (taken by me, of course) in weekly basis. No specific theme, but just random pictures following my mood or idea. I think this initiative will successfully make myself nervous and start hunting some more pictures to post!

This time I am posting some pictures of Turkish tulips in Emirgan park, Istanbul, Turkey. We were lucky that they bloomed right before we arrived in Turkey. The beauty of these flowers could make you sit for hours! For sure will visit it again in the future if I have the opportunity.





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