Weekly Photo Challenge: “Future”

Future. It is a simple word but might not as simple as it sounds. I have mixed feeling about my future, for instance. In one side, I have my dreams and goals which I want to achieve in latter stage of my life. But in another side, I do not know if those targets will be the best ones for me. I do not know too if I will achieve it well, or if I might change my goal along the way. The uncertainty which is the only certainty in our life makes “future” seems so…blur. 

Or it is just me being too melancholic πŸ™‚

With this interesting theme of “Future”, I put some pictures which represent on things which I expect to see in my future:

  • I want to have my own family, hopefully soon enough so I can make my parents happy


  • I want to keep traveling as much as I can because I want to explore the world the best I can


  • I want to have my own bookstore and small library for everyone to read to his or her heart content
  • I want to publish my own book, either fiction or my own experience


  • I want to keep my family and all my friends happy πŸ™‚

Collage me_2

I know I sound so greedy.. But isn’t that natural as a human? πŸ™‚ 


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