Webtoon, A Different Comic Platform with Familiar Flavor

I think it is not surprising to say that I have always been into comic since I was younger (which was not that long ago *cough*). In the beginning I was more into European comics following my Mom’s preference. Tintin (still my favorite!), Asterix, Lucky Luke, Boule and Bill, Gaston, Tombal were some titles which I regularly read back then. Entering junior high school, I was introduced to Manga, and since then I have been shifting my preference to Japanese Manga even though I still enjoy reading European comics. 

I do not have specific genre on my preferred manga. I like mystery, but will not say no to drama or romance. I like adventure once in a while, or simply slice of life which makes me stop and think about my own life. In general, I enjoy reading many types of manga, depending on my mood, or my random choice when I go through manga scanlation site or bookstore. My very first manga was Maitantei Conan (Detective Conan), and still one of my favorites until now because of its interesting story, easily-liked-characters, and simply because it is still ongoing until now! 

Lately I have been exploring Webtoon, better known as Web-based comics. Webtoon is digital comics service platform where you have hundred comic titles not only created by professional author or mangaka, but also common people such as students or workers. The most popular Webtoon in Indonesia is LINE Webtoon, launched by NAVER Corporation. (For more detail, you can always google).

I was not sure at first, especially for comics created by Indonesian authors. I think it is true that you can never judge a book by its cover! Even though I like a lot some of the Manhwa created by Korean authors, surprisingly, I also enjoy so much reading some pieces created by Indonesian creators.

I admit that some Indonesian comics might have similarity with Japanese manga in term of drawing and idea. Nevertheless, the inclusion of local aspects pays off that commonality. For example, Webtoon “Born from Death”, which in concept seems pretty familiar (two different species, two different worlds, unwanted heroes) with drawing style very much look like a Manhwa. However, when I was reading it further, I noticed that the story was located in Pasuruan! In a way I was happy because then I felt more bonds with the story and characters.

Just like Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa, webtoon has its own flavor which not differ too much from the first two platforms. In a way, I think webtoon might be perceived as simpler comic due to chapter length. However I can assure you, the ideas carried out by some of the webtoons are not simple at all. Just like Manga and Manhwa, webtoon offers different tastes of imagination: sweet, bitter, funny, happy, sad or even angst.

It is not difficult for me to identify already my favorites of local contents (My Pre-Wedding, Born from Death, Tahilalats, 304th Study Room, Flawless) or Korean’s (Distant Sky, Cheese in the Trap, Mayago, Bastard, Dice). Since I am still excited with this webtoon, I will post separately some reviews of my favorite webtoons in different posts shortly. Hope you’ll like them! 🙂


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