Review: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

Let me say this first: this post is surely not for everyone. You’ve been warned, so I believe you will read this post based on your own will 🙂


Title: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton
Author: Julia Quinn
Year published: 2002

I am not sure if putting disclaimer that I have been “brainwashed” by Kiki to read harlequins will justify this post (and most likely some others later). I rarely read romance novels, but I think inside my heart, I have been always one of those romantic people who enjoy reading love story. Or maybe I like it simply because I am a woman. Either way, I found myself enjoying Romancing Mr. Bridgerton and looking forward for her other books.

This book is actually the second book from series linked to Bridgerton family. There were eight children of Bridgerton family and as per my best knowledge, Quinn planned to create novels for all Bridgerton siblings. So far, six books of Bridgerton series have been published and it seems I will read all of them anytime soon *cough*

Penelope Featherington had been in love with her best friend’s brother, Colin Bridgerton, for almost half of her lifetime. Twenty eight years old, she accepted the fact that she would be a spinster and convinced herself that it was enough just to watch Colin from afar, believed that he would not response to her feeling. Not to mention that Colin had been away from England time to time, consumed by his wanderlust. 

But when Colin came back from his last trip to Cyrus, somehow her path and his started to cross each other more often, and surprisingly, to a direction which she did not have courage to dream about. She found out that Colin was not as she thought before, but in other hand, she had her own secret which she could not dare to share with this man whom she loved.

When things got more complicated, both Penelope and Colin needed to decide, if they were meant to each other, or it was just their delusional dream?

The main thing I like from this novel was its plot and characters. Since I read Quinn’s other book “Offer From A Gentleman”, I already fell in love with Bridgerton siblings, so I think I already had bias judgement when I read this piece. I like Colin, also his brothers and sisters, and of course Penelope. Quinn was really good in making likeable characters, at least for this Bridgerton series. One might wonder if in reality it would be possible or it was just expectation from the author in making happy ending story. 

In other hand, I found some of the dialog and description were too long, I barely could hold myself to not skip the section. I understood that Quinn wanted to explore Colin’s or Penelope’s feeling toward each other or describe his or her concern on some problems, but it does not mean we need to read a long mind-monologue in every chapter. 

Overall I think it is a nice romance novel (harlequin to be percise) with simple plot and likeable characters. I recommend this for you (especially ladies) who want to read light love story without thinking (or maybe thinking a bit in the vocabularies if English is not your main language, lol).

Rate: 4 from 5 stars


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