So, I Failed NaBloPoMo…

…and as much as I hated to admit, I somehow predicted it would happen. I have been struggling to write something in monthly basis, added by the fact I was a bit “lost” in my work and life, seems it was no brainer that I would most likely fail. Sure, it sounded like a lame excuse, and maybe it was, for I could have turned back the table by making proper schedule and plan on my NaBloPoMo. In the end, I could only have twelve blog posts, the most I have ever had in a month.

I think in general, my lack of discipline became the main reason why I failed. I kept telling myself to write anything popped up in my head so I would mot miss a chance, but unfortunately, I only listed the topics and not continued to put it down as a writing. It did not take long before I forgot what I meant with that list of topics. 

Another important thing which I thought also plays a role was also my unclear plan in tackling NaBloPoMo. Sure I got some tips and tricks in doing NaBloPoMo, but with no proper plan, I still faced difficulty in getting topic to write day by day. This was a bit embarassing for me as my job responsibility in the office related to planning, yet I could not perform it well in this simple matter. 


Let me take a nap before I come up with a plan….

Overall, though I was disappointed on the result, I thought it was a good learning from my side. I pretty much figured out what I need to fix. The rest will be up to me to really do what I need to do. Lookig forward for this year NaBloPoMo! 

*still crossing fingers* 


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