Ah, New Year Again. Hello 2016.

And suddenly it is here again: the new year, time where most people expect something good happens according to their plan. I guess I am repeating the cliche which often said by many people: time always passed too fast when you were enjoying what you were doing. Or, it could be the opposite, you were completely drown in your daily life, you did not get a chance to live fully the year. 

I have a mixed feeling of 2015 which I will share in separate post. In this 2016, I have some targets which I still need to plan in detail. I expect improvement of myself, whether from religious side, professionalism, and personality. I want to be those persons who can live their days fully and barely feel regret once they enter following year.

But then again, I know I can change whenever I want, without any obligation to follow the changing of years. I guess I am one of those who like to use certain date as turning point in doing something new. What else better than new year?

Having said that, I am ready to embrace 2016 with more spirit and motivation to be a better person and to make my loved ones happy.

So, hello 2016. Happy New Year, dears! 🙂




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