Another Wefie Day (again) In The Office!

So I will be a bit cheating for my redeem-because-I-did-not-write-yesterday post as I am tired and it is already 11PM in Jakarta. I guess you know how I will do it: by posting pictures!

It is a beautiful coincidence that today I decided to have wefie sessions with my friends and colleagues in the office after hiatus for some time (yes, I consider it as an important program to execute time to time). Luckily my new boss was cool enough to understand my behavior, and to also join us to do wefie 😛

Without further ado, here are the wefie pictures!

Counter clockwise: Hasna, Mauro (my new boss who becomes idol in our department now and you can see why), myself, Eva and Kiki. 

Mauro said, “Rawr!!!”

  With Pasquale, our new colleague from Italy. Lately he loves to make fun of me! Argh!

 I like making funny face….

  One of my favorite colleagues in the office: Topkins the Knife! 

  With my favorite big brother, Efe! 🙂

   Hasna: “Eeehhh… Efe is strangled?” :))

 Team of five… Look normal…

  …or not. Yeaahh for funny faces!!! :))))

Aaand my favorite picture so far was the one with my girls: Hasna and Kiki. So grateful to have them as friends 🙂 


Off to sleep now!


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