Random Pic: Blue Sky

I really want to post something before I call it a day, but because I just finished my “counseling” session with my colleague/friend, I am still a bit overwhelmed. I could not come up with good idea to post and I am too lazy to check the daily prompts. Honestly speaking, I am not into the prompts now. I just want to put something else which is more…me.

So I decided to put random pic with some comments.For this post I chose a picture of blue sky which was taken during my flight from Jakarta to Surabaya. It was a nice, clear sky which I enjoyed as I could see top of a mountain (not sure which mountain though!). I tried to put a very short poem to accompany the picture, but it might not work well *cough*

Anyway, off to sleep now! 

Look, I am at the top of the world!

Flying above those white clouds

Floating ahead those mountain peaks

I have nothing to restrict me

As I am as free as a bird

Look, I am going to reach the sun!

Capturing its light which blinded me

Making it part of my own light

As you are wishing me to do

But can I ask you one thing:

Are you still going to be there,

when I fail and fall deeply to the earth?

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