Finding Mr. Right (1)

This topic has been popping out lately from my whole family: my parents, my sisters and even my brothers in law. I understand they are worrying about me as I am not getting younger (member of three-o club already!). In addition, if I want to have my own family which means my own children, it is better to have them asap to ensure I will not be too old when they are growing up.

Whenever I heard someone asking me about life partner, I often tell myself that I should just let it flow and enjoy whatever what I am doing now. I am anyway currently single and truly blessed with wonderful family and friends. I have a good job which I love with pretty good income. Nothing is wrong with continuing what I have been doing as eventually, I will meet my soulmate. 

However, I recently start wondering when it will happen. Suddenly I feel like I have been putting aside an important matter just because, well, I do not want to deal with it. Maybe it is driven the fact that lately I have been wanting someone who I can rely on anytime. Or maybe because I have been thinking about having children every time I play with my nephew. 

Simply said, I need to do something (and also praying, of course), but I am not sure where to start. I am a complete amateur on this stuff, as I only had one boyfriend in the past. Getting connected with a person in this sense has never been something straight forward for me.

When I discussed this with my friends, some of them said I am too picky and my specifications of partner is too complicated. Maybe they were right and the problem is me. But isn’t it possible that I am just not lucky yet to meet the one? In the end, no one is the same, including the process each person has to meet his or her soulmate (and the timing too!).

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am starting to think and plan seriously about finding my partner of life. I might have no enough clues on where to start and how to execute it, but I will get some advices from my family and friends. I think in a way I am working on this matter…but I will share it here maybe in few more weeks when I get good clarity.

So, wish me luck! 

PS. This post should have been posted yesterday but I fell asleep. So today I will post twice to keep it up with NaBloPoMo :))


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