Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This week’s theme of Weekly Photo Challenge is the most difficult for me to understand and translate. Though I do not want to use it an excuse, I have to confess that the fact that English is not my mother tongue language sometimes makes me confused in understanding meaning of a word. Ornate was totally a new word for me, and somehow made me panicking a bit.

elaborately or highly decorated.
“an ornate wrought-iron railing”
synonyms: elaborate, decorated, embellished, adorned, ornamented, fancy, over-elaborate, fussy, busy, ostentatious, showy, baroque, rococo, florid, wedding-cake, gingerbread;

At a first glance, the meaning seems clear, yet…not clear enough for me.

Not sure if I will post relevant pictures for this theme.

Nevertheless with my best understanding, I decided to post pictures of Tintin mural painting in Stokkel (Stockel) metro station in Brussels, Belgium. This place is one of those special places for me. Not only it has those beautiful paintings of Tintin, it also told story for each one of the drawings. I simply love it 🙂


I will surely visit this place again given opportunity in the near future. Hopefully soon! 🙂

 Extra picture of me! 😛


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