30th Anniversary of My Almamater: Lack of Hotness in “Sauna”

This year my almamater, Industrial Engineering of Institut Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, celebrates its 30th anniversary. Compared to other programs, Industrial Engineering (IE) is actually pretty young as most of them started earlier (around 60 years). Nevertheless, this program continues to be one of favorite choice for new high school graduates. This of course makes me proud as alumna ๐Ÿ™‚

Because it has been a while since I visited my campus, I was pretty excited to come and see the lecturers and, of course, my dear friends! I flew to Surabaya last Friday night and participated on the night session of the anniversary (which by the way just finished few hours ago). 

Let’s say I was expecting too much. To be clear, the celebration itself was pretty big. I would say around 300-400 people attended this event. Most alumni who came are from class of 90s (in Indonesia we often refer to the year when we enter university, not the graduation year, so it might be a bit confusing). In morning session there were trees planting and blood donation, while in night session there were dinner and some speeches. It was unfortunate that only five of us from Class of 2002 could participate on this event. Hopefully next time we could gather with more people.

In general I think the event was okay (only applicable for night session as I did not attend morning session), but some improvements would surely not hurt. If the committee could find a way to link between alumni of each class, I think it will bring more benefit to all people, e.g. with games.

The entertainment itself was not too captivating. Again, it is purely my personal opinion. Some musics were played in the beginning but then it was more about speeches from committee, Head of Program and Rector of ITS. It was logical that many people got bored and had other discussions with their friends or simply playing with their phones.

To be fair, there were quite a lot of people came so it was not easy to keep everyone’s attention to one spot. Event committee should have thought about something which could make people pay attention to the stage, e.g. partial door prize announcement, or accoustic band to entertain. At least time to time, most of participants will take a look to see what is happening on stage (or I assume so).

One thing for sure, Surabaya was really hot tonight! With minimum cooler equipment, I felt like I was in sauna (and I believe other people felt the same). I lost my paper fan when I left campus (would not be surprised if one of the boys hid it!). I personally hope it will be raining tonight. Fingers crossed!

In the end, I would rate this event as 3 from 5 stars rating. Maybe I am just too pushy and demanding, but knowing that improvements are very feasible to be done, I think I am being reasonable ๐Ÿ™‚

So, congratulation my dear almamater! Hope the success will continue more and more in the future. Vivat TI! 




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