Oh, How I Love Zumba!

I guess most people know what Zumba is, especially those who often go to the gym. For you who do not know, Zumba is an aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music (as taken from Google). Don’t feel bad if you did not know about it. One of my friends asked if Zumba refers to Zombie-style-dance which was performed in Michael Jackson’s music video (lol!).

I am not really into sport (as you might guess), but if I go to the gym, I like to join classes with beats and have high-impact. Zumba and Sh’bam are two classes which I have joined though not regular. In the beginning I preferred to do Sh’bam, but slowly I noticed that the motions are more repetitive compared to Zumba. Hence I started to do more Zumba than Sh’bam.

I guess what makes me also excited about it is the fact that Zumba combines aerobic and dance. I have loved aerobic since I was in elementary school (though it was very simple back then), and I love to see people dance. I am not that good in dancing (yet!), but I know I am not too bad in understanding music beats and correlating it with the movements. Maybe that’s why I tend to move my body everytime I listen to a high-tempo song. I just love flowing with the beats even I might not dance smoothly. I guess my mom danced frequently when she was carrying me during her pregnancy (need to check with her! Lol).

Though I want to explore more dance(s), I am not sure if I want to join any specific dance class for now. I think focusing on Zumba this time will help to make my (partial) dance movements smoother. Anywy, I am curently addicted to Zumba πŸ™‚ Let’s dance! 


With the girls from my department.  Glad that all of us could join the session today! πŸ™‚

 With the girls and Zumba trainer before we started our Zumba session this evening. You should see our faces when we finished – all red! πŸ™‚ We were tired but happy! 


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