My Big Homework: A Renovation!  

This week my sister is having part of her house re-painted, particularly the master bedroom and living room. Because the work will start tomorrow, I decided to go home earlier to help her moving some stuffs so the handyman can get enough space to do his job without damaging the goods. 


When I was looking at the kind-of-empty-yet-chaotic living room, I thought how challenging it is to take care of your own house. I have been admiring my sister for this matter because she handled individually the first renovation of her house while her husband was away for training in Europe. I know I will surely ask her advice when I am renovating my house.

Then I suddenly remember. 

I do need to renovate my house. My only house which I just had few months ago. It was my biggest milestone this year and now I am about to enter the next step of it: making sure it is comfortable enough for us to live inside! Two weeks ago I took a look and did some cleaning while assessing on what should be done based on priority.

For sure, I have lot of things to do! The fact that I will be doing something completely un-familiar makes me nervous yet excited in the same time as I imagine the final result of it. It will take some time, but with help from my family, I think I can handle it. 

I am projecting the house to be ready in January if everything goes on smoothly. Need to even work harder now to ensure I have enough cash to proceed with the activities *cough*

Wish me luck! 🙂

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