Random: “Regular” Weekend in Jakarta

Earlier this afternoon, Willy, the new guy in our department, told me that he went visiting some malls in Puri with his girlfriend. I raised my eyebrows automatically because that place is actually pretty far from his current living place. Curiously I asked why he went there and if he found anything interesting. Well, he did not find anything interesting (hah!), but his reason to go there was pretty reasonable: he did (and does) not like to stay at home so he preferred to go around (malls in) Jakarta. 

In concept, I actually can understand and agree with his preference. There is only one small problem. 

We live in Jakarta. 

Though Jakarta is a very big city, most of the entertainment places are available in the form of malls. I personally think malls – regardless how big, how far, how new they are – are all the same. That is why I usually go to the same malls once in a while in the weekend. I do not intentionally go to another mall just because I want to see different mall. Moreover, the shops and counters inside those malls are pretty much the same.

This makes me wonder, what most people in Jakarta do in their weekend (we exclude those who go outside Jakarta because we are focusing on activity in Jakarta)? I am pretty sure 70-80% of them will go to malls as we have dozens of them lying across Jakarta; East to West, South to North. I am not saying that mall does not offer anything interesting beside shopping. You can always go to movie theater, do some karaoke, hangout with friends in cafe or play some bowling. But isn’t there something else and different to do in Jakarta?

I think the reason I am questioning this is because I am clueless. I am so used to the fact that people go to malls in the weekend which makes me think that it is the only thing you can do in Jakarta. I know there must be other things I can enjoy which is not related to malls. For example, I found out that we actually have quite a lot of museums in Jakarta (link), though I am not sure if all of them are still active. 

I guess this will be my homework to find out other activities I can do in my next weekends in Jakarta.

As for Willy, I will give him an exception considering he is a newcomer from Surabaya, so I guess he is still very excited in exploring Jakarta (or the malls to be precise :)). 

PS. Third day of daily blog post. Keep the spirit!
NaBloPoMo November 2015

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