Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

It is time for another Weekly Photo Challenge, and the theme this week is Careful. To quote: “A photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.”

Honestly, my mind was blank for few minutes when I was trying to remember if I have taken pictures which meet above specifications. I did not focus on Human Interest in the past, though I am interested on it. I think it will be one thing I need to focus on for my next photography learning plan!

So I opened some of my old folders and found these two photos which I think could represent the theme.

Picture of my friend, Pascal, and his beloved son, Sebastian. No comment further 🙂

Picture of a Dalang or Puppet Master of Wayang, traditional Indonesian shadow puppet. He was preparing the Wayang one by one before starting the show. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures! 🙂


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