Visa Waiver for Japan trip: check! 

Finally, I got my Visa waiver from Japan embassy last Friday. Yey! 😀

The new e-passport (electronic passport) for Indonesian apparently brings significant benefit especially for those who want to travel to Japan. Visa waiver for Indonesian e-passport holder was granted and implemented since last December (link). It has validity period of three years, with maximum stay duration of 15 days per visit. The best part of it:  it is FREE! *dancing* 

Now I have even more reason to visit my sister in Tokyo for the next two years, given I save enough money to fly there. Thank you Japan! You surely know how to make heavy-shoppers come to your country and boost your tourism and economy! :))

What I want to share today was more about my experience in getting the visa waiver. Actually, you might find similar information about this process in another blog or site, but what I want to address here was the importance to come early, either to submit your passport or to get it back. The reason is simple: you need to queue. The earlier you come, the faster you will get called to the counter. This was at least applicable for Japan embassy in MH Thamrin, Jakarta. 

I was not aware about it until I experienced it myself. Waiting for an hour to submit your documents and another one hour to get it back was not that fun for me, especially when you eventually spent only one minute for each activity. Talking about wasting your time, literally!

To summarize, here are the steps you need to do to get visa waiver:

  • Make sure you are Indonesian (always good to be cautious…)
  • Make sure you have e-passport (info). If you do not have it, then you should apply regular visa (info). 
  • Download and fill in the form for Visa waiver request (link).
  • Go to Japan embassy early in the morning to submit e-passport and the filled form. Embassy is open from 08.30-12.00 and 13.30-15.30. Bring something which could help you go through the torture of waiting should you be out of your luck. 
  • Voila! Your visa waiver will be ready on the next day!

Looks pretty good in my passport. At least now it is not that empty anymore *cough*

So Japan, wait for me next month! And for you guys who are going to apply for your visa waiver, good luck! 🙂

PS. Another good information on how to apply this visa waiver is available here:


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