A (Very) Short Getaway to HCMC

To answer your question, HCMC is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🙂

This trip was actually not really well planned (sorry mate!). The idea came from my friend in Tintin community, and I thought, why not? Vietnam is also in my list to-visit-countries. In the beginning I plan to spend three days there, but because of sudden change in plan (I must fly back for meeting the next day!), I could only visit Ho Chi Minh for one and half days. 

Ho Chi Minh, in my opinion, could be categorized as an average city which you could find in another South East Asian country. What made it different was the history which built the overall city and the people. Yes, Ho Chi Minh is full of history, though the dark one: Vietnam War.

I am being honest to say that history was not my favorite subject when I was in high school *cough*, so I had only a faint idea on Vietnam war and what caused that war. It was interesting to hear the full story from Viatnemese’s perspective, which seemed to be a bit different from history known by most people in the world. Of course, I am not the best person to judge, but one thing for sure, war is never a good thing. Not only it made people lost their lives, it left deep scars which stay forever in everyone involved in it. I just wish people who actually cause the wars start to realize that fact!

Back to HCMC, one thing that I noticed very clearly was how reckless people were when they drive or ride motorbikes. It was sooo scary to cross the roads in HCMC because most of the time, cars and bikes would not stop for the pedestrians! We had been told to just cross the street without looking right or left, but hell, who could actually do that if those bikes did not slow down even though they were approaching you! At that time I truly felt that Jakarta was way more “polite” compared to HCMC. Lol! 

Overall, it was an okay-ish weekend trip for me. I would love to go to Hanoi and Halong Bay next time I visit Vietnam. By then I would for sure practice my photography technique particularly on landscape. Must start planning it 😛

No Travel post passed the Quality Check in this blog without pictures *lol*, so here they are! 🙂

The War and Remnants Museum. I learnt a lot about the war in this museum. I could not believe all those things people did during the war. Absolutely awful.

The guide tour gave brief introduction about the museum.

One of the tanks in the museum. I saw couple of tanks parked in some governmental buildings around the city. Talking about war leftover…

Cu Chi tunnel, famous tunnel in cu Chi area, which was built by locals to help Vietcong in defending themselves and attacking US soldiers.

One of the landmarks in HCMC: Central Post Office! Nice old bulding. Love it!


Vegetarian Pho! So yummy with big portion. Definitely my favorite 🙂


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