Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Finally, I participate again in the Weekly Photo Challenge ! It’s surely been a while. Now it’s just a matter of being consistent in doing it in weekly basis *smack own head* 🙂 

This week’s theme was about Change. I must confess, the first time I heard the theme, I was not referring at all to changes of mother nature (I jus realized later that it was the reference of this challenge). For me, changes could be anything: changes in your very own life, changes which you do for other people’s life, or changes of someone which you are currently witnessing. 

Having said that, I decided to put some pictures which I think represent my opinion about Change. Needless to say, some pictures are related to change happened in my life in the last one year. Hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂

This picture was taken some time before sunset in Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland. In actual, the shifting from daylight to night was even more beautiful to witness. I used to sit in the lake side until the sunset. 


As I mentioned in my previous post, I moved to another function in my department ever since I was back to Indonesia. I am handling Agronomy related matters particularly in Planning side. Though I am not an Agronomist, I do believe that together with my team, we provide support to our farmers to make changes in their daily life, to be better farmers wih better life.


In addition, it is so encouraging to see many women getting more involved in Agriculture, either as farmer or technician who provides technical assistance to the farmers. 


My last picture is about my friends! We have had some new people joined our department since I left for my assignment. I am so glad to know that I could easily connect with them, and now, they are part of my circle in the office. I love this change as I learnt a lot from them, and it is always so easy to have fun with them 🙂




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