Random Picture: Santorini, Greece

I was lucky I got the opportunity to travel to some European countries when I had my assignment in Lausanne. Coming from a very homy family, in the beginning I was nervous in doing solo traveling. It took just one trip to prove my concern was unreasonable 🙂

After several trips, I realized that I had my own preference on my trip destination. For example, I’d rather go to places with beautiful nature than big city with fancy shops. In more specific way, it referred more to coastal area rather than mountains. I guess in a way you are knowing yourself better by traveling to different places with different characteristics. 

One of my favorite places which I have visited is Santorini, Greece. In the beginning I was curious when I saw pictures of this beautiful island in internet. The moment I arrived there, I completely fell in love with the island. Magnificent view, good food, friendly people… Nothing really to complaint! Hopefully I can go there again some time in the near future! 🙂 




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