Review: Youkai Apato No Yuuga Na Nichijou


Manga title : Youkai Apato No Yuuga Na Nichijou
Mangaka : Kouduki Hinowa
Released date : 2011
Status in Origin : 9 volumes (ongoing)

What will be your first reaction when you realized that you are living together with supernatural creatures, like ghosts? Depending on what you believe, you might be freaking out and immediately leave that place, or you will be denying that fact by convincing yourself that such thing does not exist. 

Inaba Yuushi was your everyday teenager. His life changed though when his parents passed away in his first year of middle school. He moved in with his relatives, but it did not take long for him to realize that he was a burden for them despite how good they were treating him. Hence he decided to move to dormitory when he entered high school. Unfortunately, the dorm was burnt down before he moved in. Since Yuushi did not want to go back to his relatives, he then searched for another lodging. When he finally found a room in a nice old building, he thought everything would be going as he planned. 

Little he knew that it was life-changing decision which he made.

The old building was apparently a special house, a place where humans and supernatural creatures, such as ghosts and spirits, living together. Though Yuushi was surprised and confused in the beginning, slowly he found himself adjusting pretty well with his new friends. It was not too long until he discovered that he had potential spiritual power triggered by the house. What would Yuushi do with his new power? And how would he deal with his best friend, Hase, who was constantly asking on his situation?

This manga is still ongoing in Japan with current released of 9th volume, while manga scanlation is currently stopping at Volume 5, chapter 21 (indeed I am a manga scanlation lover). What made me love this manga is the storyline, relationship between characters and the characters themselves. I rarely found a manga which made me feel good inside, and somehow this manga did. 

The way Yuushi interacted with his friends, and how he evolved as a person made me smile and made me wondered, what if I were to be in his position. Not exactly to live with non-human creatures, of course (lol), but what if I suddenly find myself in a completely new environment, with people who I am not familiar with, and there is no option for me to leave at least until certain time? How do I deal with that? 

I guess it is similar with that feeling when you just get a new job and you are trying to adjust yourself with your new colleagues and working environment. It is not easy in the beginning, but once you are settling in, then you will have a new family. Of course, it also could be the other way around: you just could not blend in and you could only survive until you leave. I would personally hate if it happens. I am a people-person, and to have people accepted me as the way I am is crucial for me. 


The other point I like about this manga is the importance of good friend. Yuushi has Hase as his best friend. They transparently shared to each other their dreams, concerns and hopes. Either Yuushi or Hase knows that the other guy will be always there for him. This made my heart touched, and felt glad that I have good friends who will always be there for me. 

I truly recommend this manga if you want to read something simple but warm. Supernatural power as main topic of this manga is interesting, supported by good story and interesting characters. It might be too lame for people who want to read something adventurous or thrilling. Should you decide to read this manga, I hope you would enjoy it as much I did! 🙂


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