Indonesian Tintin Community (KTI): An Example of Connecting People

If you have seen some of my posts before, you would know that I am a fan of The Adventure of Tintin. I have read Tintin since I was in elementary school, purely driven by my mom who was also a big fan. Reading Tintin made me realize there were more things outside my day-to-day world. I travelled together with Tintin and Snowy to different places, I did interesting actions with Captain Haddock, and I laughed happily with Thomson and Thompson.  It was a complete package of entertainment for me, and will always be.

Imagine how excited I was when I found a Tintin Community in Indonesia (called Komunitas Tintin Indonesia or KTI in Bahasa Indonesia). I joined this community about two years ago before I went for my assignment. Now I am still part of them, and I can happily say that our connection is getting closer than before. 

What interesting for me by joining this community was the fact that a very simple reason could make us, completely strangers, gathered together and united. We all love Tintin. That is only it. And yet, it made working men and women, moms and dads, students, retirees and foreigners take their time to talk, meet and spend some time together. 

Though it was amazing for me, this pattern is actually pretty logical. As social creatures, it is our behavior to make a group with other people who have the same principles, ideas, goals or requirements as ours. Some communities or groups might have further perspective on where they want to go and what they want to achieve. Some others might just have short term goal, such as connecting to others and have some fun. Indonesian Tintin Community is a good example of the latter. 

Some people might not understand why we can keep talking to each other by referring to Tintin as our fundamental similarity. It is actually simple. It is the same reason why people from Marvel community, Photographer community or Reading community can stick to each other from time to time. We get connected, and by being connected, we know other people better, and the other way around. The beauty of it is not only we get new friends, but we also build or even expand our social network. In addition, it helps us to learn on communicating and dealing with different characters. 

As a person who love to connect with people, there is no better way for me to embrace it other than joining a community. Indonesian Tintin Community gave me one of those opportunities. And who knows, another community to consider might be right around the corner for me 🙂



One thought on “Indonesian Tintin Community (KTI): An Example of Connecting People

  1. it seems fun! and i’m glad that you’ve find your community like i did. do you know that they will be your best friend through ups and downs?

    chan juga, di komunitas pecinta Arashi ini chan bertemu dengan banyak fans yang ujung2nya jd temen baik. cherish it, mbei 😀

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