Becoming A Member of Three-O Club

Not so long ago I celebrated my 30th birthday in my office. It was a simple yet memorable moment, especially because most of my friends were teasing me during the day. I could not really blame them as I felt that I might have been the one causing the ruccus. In a way, I kind of telling everyone that I was going to leave the twenty club soon *cough*.

I often heard that turning thirty was one of many things that some young people were concerned about. Most people thought that becoming thirty made them feel “old” and not as “cool” as before (I wonder how they will feel when they reach forty).  

In my case, I could simply say I was a bit overwhelmed with my current single status. As I have posted few times before, finding the right partner of life has been my continuous assignment. I used to blame our Asian culture where women are expected to get married and have children in young age as a main cause of my under-pressure-situation. However lately, I noticed that it might not be the only reason. I realized that I want to have my own family. 

That surely made me worried. I do not want to have children when I am a bit too “old” (eventhough I always believe age is a matter of number), and I was nervous if I would have enough time to take care of them until they have their own family. 

But then I stopped for a while and asked myself: was that really the only thing I consider as part of my future?

I think all of us knew the answer. It was not. Yes, having a family is very important, but it does not mean you need to stop what you have been doing, especially if it is something that you like. I have so many things that I still want to do, so many goals I want to achieve, which might only happen at this stage. I love my current job, and I want to reach something even bigger with all knowledge I have been gaining. 

By keeping that thought in my head, I could say I embraced my thirty in age with better mindset than before. Yes, I still need to work on my personal target of building my family, but I will not be hurting myself by overthinking it like I used to do. I will continue what I like to do and continue pursuing my dreams, both personally and professionally, with big smile in my face.

Yey for joining the Three-O club! πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Becoming A Member of Three-O Club

  1. yay! happy b’day again, mbei πŸ˜›
    dan ya, kultur kita perkara berkeluarga itu emang mbencekno kok. tapi aku percaya bahwa Allah telah mempersiapkan lelaki dan akan mempertemukannya denganmu. just keep on being yourself and be happy! man don’t like grumpy woman anyway πŸ˜›

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