Talking About Life Plan

Life plan. How many of us have been preparing it, or even thinking about it? Some people might really have put some thought and time to develop theirs, but I am pretty sure not many people are aware about it. Some others might think they have had it, though in reality it might not be fully comprehensive.

Honestly speaking, I did not have it, at least not until one and half year ago. Funny enough, my life plan was actually created not because I hit my head one day and thought, “Ah! It is time for me to map down on what I want to do with my life!”, but because one of my best friends “forced” me to make one in one of our discussions. He had created his since he was about my age and has been updating it continuously since then. Something which undoubtedly makes sense as we are evolving along our life. 

He is a pushy (but also very nice) guy, so it was kind of challenging discussion for me. In the end, I had my preliminary life plan which somehow covered some of my goals in life. Though I was overwhelmed during the process, I had to admit it helped me a lot in shaping my mind and direction in life. It forced me to think deeper on one main question every person has in his or her life: what is your purpose of life? It is not an easy question to answer, but at that time, I thought I had answered it and was satisfied enough with my plan. I promised to myself and him to keep updating it as I evolve. 

Apparently it was not easy as it seemed. At least for me.

Only after five months since I was back in Jakarta, I truly believed I knew what I want to do with my life, and what goals I wanted to achieve. I realized it would be very challenging as it was something new for me (and I am still a novice as per today, really), yet I was (and am) very excited to learn as much as possible to reach my dream. That thought alone makes me happy, and in a way, makes me convinced that I am heading to the right direction.

That being said, I am left with big homework which urgently needs to be done: revisit, modify and update my life plan with new insight and full understanding where I want to go. It is exciting and making me nervous in the same time, but I am enjoying the process. 

Care to join the same excitement I felt by making yours? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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