Hello April! 

Again, let’s use the cliche comment on time which stating how fast time passed as suddenly we already finished first quarter of 2015! Though if you actually think about it, time passed as it used to be, second by second, minute by minute, hour to hour, and continued to month and year. People said if you always feel time passed too fast, then you must have been enjoying your life. That could be true, but personally I think it depends on the feeling you have at that point of time. You could feel time passed so fast and you’re feeling happy on how you are right now, or the other way around. I guess the way you spend time will impact on the way you are looking at your life as a whole. 

In this case, I guess I have been enjoying my life since I was back in October. As I have shared before, my new job is super interesting and also challenging. This fact alone makes me forget that it has only been six months since I started my learning process. With great friends whom I treasure a lot, I think I naturally have been enjoying every single day of these past couple of months. 

 Of course, there were times when I felt overwhelmed with work and personal matters, but luckily, it was still somehow controllable. Yes, I might cry once (or twice), but I was bouncing back in count of days. In that sense, I felt like I have been maturing a bit compared to before. I believe this significantly impacted by my assignment in Lausanne, and of course, my derest friends who helped me a lot during the assignment. I am trully blessed, and I cannot stop feeling grateful for that.

And with this happiness sinking to my head and heart, I put a smile to my face, and once again welcoming second quarter of this interesting year. Welcome April! 🙂

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