It’s been a pretty long week…. I am glad I have a chance to relax and spend my time to, well, basically do what I want: reading manga, watching movie and lazying around. Now I understand why some people prefer to stay at home during weekend. They are tired, just like me, and any short break they could get (which, by the way, still need to be shared with their family) is totally precious. As cliche as people wish for a “me” time, they do need it to balance their life.

In a way, somehow I wonder if I really just have lived (again) in Jakarta for only five months. The rhythm of this city has been, and always is fast for its citizens, which leaving you with a question: what actually drives it? Maybe this due to the fact that Jakarta is not only a capital city, but also central business city of Indonesia. Maybe this also due to the fact that economic growth happened aggressively here, which attracts so many people to come and try their luck instead of trying to develop their hometown. There are so many reasons I could think of for this crazy flow in Jakarta, and unless our government does something, I am sure the situation will not getting any better soon.

Now I am not sure why I rant about Jakarta and not about my work 😀

I know work will always be work. You have your up and down, your peak and low, your happy and bitter time. As long as you love your job, then it will not be a problem.

My new job is totally challenging, considering I have no background whatsoever in Agronomy. I have been interested in this topic since last year, so I was excited to get this chance and learning something new. I have to admit complexity of this subject above my expectation, with even wider scope and knowledge. So far, I think I only learnt around 10% of what my colleague has in his head, and he is the most experienced guy in this field. I know I need to speed up, and though I also know it will take time, sometimes it is just frustrating to know how much you don’t know. When that happens, I can only swallow my frustration, and continue to fight, since time never stops, and you need to do even more moving forward.

I guess I might have even more long weeks in the future anyway 🙂


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