My first gathering with Asia team :)

It is kind of weird that somehow, I could not have been participated in any of team gathering events held by my department, at least until now. First year I joined the company, we did not have budget for it *cough* (just hope none of my team member read this blog :-P).

In second year, again I could not participate because I had to go to Lausanne for training. It was tricky for me; in one side I was really happy because I could go to Switzerland, but in other hand I missed opportunity to spend time with my team members. In the end, since I had to do the training due to my new role that time, I could only hear stories and see some pictures from my working colleagues. That somehow made me sad since I love connecting with people.

In actual, I had team gathering when I was in Lausanne for my short assignment. We spent two days in a small area in France, and I enjoyed every moment I had there. It was refreshing to hang out with your working mates outside office and talk about non-job-related-matters. You somehow felt more connected with them though it might not be reflected explicitly in office.

When I was finally back to Indonesia in end of last year, I found out that we will only have our gathering in the beginning of 2015. And of course, I will be part of the committee.

With only less than two weeks preparation, somehow my colleagues and I managed to have everything prepared pretty well. We got a good Event Organizer (thank goodness!) to handle team building activity. We had this “Amazing Race” style game which also covering traditional dance short lesson. I personally think it went well and handled profesionally.

As a closure, we had dinner on the 2nd day with theme “Pirates of Caribbean”. Needless to say, when this idea first shared, everyone was panicking since they had no clue (including me) where to find pirate costume or accessories. Again, we were lucky that EO we hired had connection with costume rental. Hence, problem solved: all got their costumes from rental place. In the end, I must say, having everyone dressed up was actually kinda fun, and I believe everyone felt the same way. The excitement was way higher as we were looking forward to see how our colleagues looked like with their costumes, and that was fun! 😛
No doubt, everyone was taking pictures and selfies all night long. With good music and great audiences, what could you expect more? 🙂

It was a good short break before starting a year, and also a good time to spend with your colleagues and friends outside working environment. Looking forward for the next one already 🙂





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