Alhamdulillah, It’s Ramadhan Again

It is amazing how life could actually go to the direction which we did not expect without any preliminary signs (or maybe there were but we did not realize them). Last year I was lucky (and challenged!) to have my first Ramadhan abroad with an assumption that will be the first and the last. Who would have thought that I would have been extended for three more months, which means I got another honor to experience one month of fasting in this beautiful city of Lausanne 🙂

Ramadhan this year is still as challenging as before: we are still fasting for 18+ more hours, feeling sleepy in the office after 3PM and having lack of sleep after breaking the fast because we need to wait for the Sahur which only two hours away. Though compared to last year, I must say that I feel this Ramadhan is somehow better and give me more comfortable feeling inside. I am not sure if that is because the way I am doing it now (which should not be any different except more discipline in doing the prayers and the fasting themselves) or it is just purely because this month is a holy month and everything I do in this month matters more than the other month.

Though it could be debatable, I think I can say that in a way, this person who managed to occupy my heart for couple of weeks played a role in making Ramadhan becomes more wonderful than before. Not because of his existence as himself, but because he kept encouraging me to be a better person. Reminders on the prayer and the Quran reading, discussion on life plan and what we want to do to support our families and others; he makes me feel excited to do much more in this great month, and of course to continue on doing it even afterward. Thus it seems natural for me to give him the necessary respect for triggering such positive impact.

Being a part of “One Day One Juz” group (a group whose member read one Juz of the Quran every single day) also makes me feel delightful as I put a discipline to myself in reading the Quran regularly. Frankly speaking, being here where majority of the people are not moslem tends to make me easily forget doing the religious rituals just because the environment is not reminding you on doing it. For me, being supported by other people who are doing the same thing is essential as it will boost my spirit and makes me even more motivated to move forward.

All in all, I have been very happy and excited going through this half of Ramadhan, though I hope I can do more in the remaining days. This Ramadhan is surely the one I will always remember, and I am looking forward to have the unforgettable ones in the upcoming years 🙂

Alhamdulillah 🙂


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