I really need to stop this….

…and I am referring to my bad habit to stop writing whenever I got caught up in my job or whenever I don’t feel like I want to. It’s kind of clear now that I tend to work too much in the office, and once I am back in my apartment, I become too lazy to use my brain to write something, whatever it is. It is a big shame as I remember just few months ago I made my resolution to continue writing, and in bigger goal, to start my own book. I hate to see that it is now April and I haven’t even started it! As cliché as it is, I must say that it is not easy sometimes to fight yourself in getting things done as planned. It’s time for me to slap myself, and start take my own resolution seriously moving forward 🙂

Anyway, spring has been around for few weeks already in Lausanne and I have been so happy to have the longer days. Why won’t I if I can get bright sky even though it is already 7pm at night! I really love spring and summer here as I feel I have so much time to do lot of things, or even to work more (duh!). It makes me sad that I will be enjoying this phenomenon for the next few months, as I might need to fly back to Indonesia in July 😦

Thinking about going home to Indonesia makes me a bit confused. I am happy in a way because I will meet my family again – my parents, my sisters and my nephew. In other hand, I have been enjoying so much my time here, I don’t feel like I am ready to go back now. I have been learning so many things, I feel like I have been improving as a person and as a professional (though might not significantly different from before), I have been traveling to many countries (something which I never dreamed before I went here)…… So many good things happened here, I just could not imagine I have to leave this wonderful place! I know I will be devastated once I come back…. Though I know I will be fine afterward with my family and my friends around me, I know I will have special place in my heart for Lausanne which is irreplaceable.

I guess I’ll just need to enjoy my time here until I am forced to fly back to Indonesia 🙂


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