Happy Birthday my dear Tintin! :)

Well, well, who ever thought that it has been 85 years since Tintin first published? I started reading his adventure (accompanied by Snowy, of course) when I was in elementary school, simply because my mom kept all the comics (she loves them). It did not take long time for me to fall in love with the comics, and until now, I just could not find better comic than Tintin. Simply said, I became a fan (actually I wrote a post about reasons why I love Tintin, but unfortunately it’s in Indonesian).

It is always exciting to read how he traveled from one place to another and to see him solving mysteries together with Snowy, Captain Haddock, even Thomson and Thompson! If I think about that, I can see why I am totally into detectives or mystery novels/films: they are similar with Tintin (though might be less funny). In a way, Tintin also made me dreamt about adventures. I felt like I visited the places Tintin visited when I read the comics. Now when I’ve grown up, I realized that I could actually do the same as he did: traveling to wherever I want to (as long as you properly plan it :P).

In the end, I could say Tintin gave big impact to me, mostly in positive way (yes, there was negative impact particularly when I was still in school :P). It’s great to know that after 85 years, people still read the comics, and even pass them to their children. I know I will pass them to my children one day 🙂

So, Happy Birthday Tintin! Thanks for inspiring me with your adventures 🙂



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my dear Tintin! :)

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks for passing by! Yes, I also just realized it was yesterday from my friends. Never get bored reading the comics 🙂

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