Time to write again!

Oh, how I have been so lazy for the last couple of weeks months! I kept saying to myself that I need to find time to write down anything (or everything!) I have in mind to ensure that I do not forget how to write. Here I am, looking at my blog, and realizing that I had not at all been walking my talk (duh!). Thus, with the spirit of new year (which actually is irrelevant at all), I am starting again my “love affair” with my blog 🙂

Speaking about new year, I suddenly remember on new year resolution. Though I have prepared them for last couple of years, sometimes I wonder why people like to create them. Resolutions or changes actually could be done anytime should you have the will and commitment to do them. Personally I think that might be based on the fact that people like to define a certain start date to start their journey. And a new year, with all promises in the future, looks like a very good option (and maybe also positive) which motivates people even more (well, at least that might explain why I am still doing it this year :P).

Anyway, I can’t wait to share with you my last trips to Prague and London in the next posts. So my blog, ça fait plaisir de te revoir !


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