Short Trip to Romantic Prague

The first impression that I had when I first heard about Prague was a beautiful and romantic country. Some friends even said that the city would even be more impressive if you could get a white Christmas: when all the symbolic buildings are covered in snow, with beautiful lights as ornaments. For me, it sounds like a perfect view as I am now learning photography and beautiful objects are highly appreciated. It’s no wonder that I was jumping inside my head when my friends asked me to join them visiting Prague during Christmas, hoping that I would get that images I had in mind for some time.

Well, it turned out there was no white Christmas when we arrived there 🙂

But frankly speaking, that did not change the fact that it was a beautiful city to visit. In fact, I was quite impressed to see how modern Prague was. As a city in Eastern European countries, I would expect to see historic or aged buildings almost everywhere, similar like what I have seen in Budapest. I found them indeed, together with some stores for branded items in the central of the city. Who would have thought that Prague is also a place to go for shopping beside for the sightseeing? At least I was not aware about that until I was there 🙂

Like other tourists (which was bunch, by the way), we visited the landmarks of the city, like the Old Town Square, the Prague Castle (though I did not realize that the building that I walked in was the castle!) and Charles Bridge. I liked a lot the atmosphere there, as it was kind a romantic and beautiful in the same time. I think I could spend a lot of time in Charles Bridge just looking at the water, given the situation that it had not been as crowded as that time, where all tourists tried to take pictures from all angles with the sunset background 🙂

Overall, I enjoyed my trip to Prague, though the feeling was not as special as I had in Budapest. Both cities gave me the same impression though: a beautiful, old and romantic place. Good place to take a break from your routine and just enjoy your time 🙂

PS. One key point I got from this trip: having vacation with your friends actually makes the trip even better!







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