Err.. you’re talking about New Year Resolution?

New Year Resolution. How often we heard that topic discussed among people around us in the beginning of the year? I can guess it is pretty often, as most people like to set some targets for themselves to achieve, either for their own sake, or just because other people doing it. As I have mentioned on my previous post, though targets could be set anytime and the actions could be started whenever you want, to have them started in brand New Year sounds more convincing. Psychologically that makes sense, as we don’t know yet what still to come in that year, and we can (try to) control what we will do in the next twelve months. I guess in the end the important thing is if we indeed do our resolutions, or we’re just ready to make another one in the end of the year 🙂

I made my New Year resolutions lastly in 2011 which were actually similar like what I had had in 2010. You see, though I already set up my resolutions in a specific year, in the end I still needed to put again those items in the following year. That shows already that even though you plan your resolutions pretty well, without commitment and action, it will be only list of targets without meaning. It’s kind a funny because I am working in Planning department, so talking about resolutions feels like talking about (work) objectives for me. Not that I want to start treating resolutions as my job, but giving the same effort and commitment to resolutions might give better impact to me, and might make me closer to my personal target, whatever that is. Plus, doing resolutions should give one thing that might not be achieved in our work (though that depends on your job): self satisfaction! 🙂

Just last year (or few weeks ago for precise), my colleagues and I gathered in one of our office room and talking about our new year resolutions. Most of my friends planned to do more exercise, either to lose some weight or to be healthier (nothing ever wrong anyway with working out). Ben planned to call his mom more often, which I found very sweet and could be applicable for me. As for myself, my first thought when we started the discussion was: I need to write again. While waiting for my turn in stating my resolution, my mind was wandering back to few years ago, when I was still pretty active writing stories, and had a dream to make my own book, either in a form of novel, short stories collection, or even non-fiction. Suddenly it occurred in my mind: I need to write again, not only blog, but also a story which could possibly become a foundation of a book! Sure, it’s not a fast process, but why not starting it now?

Thus, with that motivation coming from the old days, I decided to have one main resolution this year: to start the foundation of my book. Surely it’s not the only resolution I have; there are others which (again) still similar with I have in 2011 (people could only try again, right? :P). I am excited and I hope I could update you with good news in the next few months. Ganbatte Kudasai! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Err.. you’re talking about New Year Resolution?

    • Hi Brantley, thanks a lot! I agree that this community gives you encouragement and motivation in reaching your target! Your support is a real evidence of a such wonderful system. Thanks again! 🙂

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