Paris, I think I like you :)

I have always heard Paris stated as the most romantic city in the world. Some of my friends who went there acknowledged the statement, but some others actually said that the city might be over-rated. They did think that Paris is not as clean as expected as one of the most famous cities around the globe. Added by the fact that there are tons of pickpockets around the landmarks, Paris was certainly not my priority when I was preparing my country-to-go-list in the beginning of my assignment.

Last weekend though I went to Paris, simply because my colleagues from the office offered me to join them. I honestly thought it would be a tick-a-box trip, plus it is commonly quite difficult to travel together with my working colleagues due to our schedule. Spending good time with friends is always valuable for me, so I did not really think further when I said yes to the offer.

Surprisingly, I found myself kinda fell in love with the city. There was something about the old buildings, the Seine river, the bridges, the trees with falling leaves, which created the romantic atmosphere in the air. That and maybe some couples expressing their love here and there *cough* 😛

I really loved the falling leaves and the cloudy sky which, somehow for me, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. I imagined how lovely it would be to walk along the nice boulevard, admiring the beautiful buildings, sitting next to the Seine river while watching the ferries and boats passing by…. what a perfect holiday it would be! Of course, it would be even more perfect with someone accompanying you.. someone that I am still looking for until now 🙂

In the end, I must say that, despite the fact that Paris is not clean and the people’s behavior there sometimes a bit rude, I like the city a lot. There are museums there that seems pretty impressive, and I would love to go there again to explore each one of them as much as I can. If you have the opportunity to go there, I would suggest you to really do it, because it’s totally worth it 🙂

Here are some pictures I took during my trip to Paris. I will not post in details the places I visited because, well, I believe you could get even more complete information about them from internet 😉

Tour Montparnasse

Montparnasse is the famous skyscraper located in the Montparnasse area of Paris, France. There was 56 floors on the tower with overall height 210 m. I just found out that this was the tallest skyscraper in Paris until it was surpassed by Tour First (read more about Montparnasse in wiki). Unfortunately the weather was bad when we went there, so France looked foggy from up there 😦

Paris_1 Paris_2

Tour Eiffel

Ah, well, the famous Eiffel. What more I could say? It’s big, impressive, strong and elegant. It’s also beautiful at night especially with the flickering lamps 🙂


Musee du Louvre

One of the most impressive museums I ever visited. Well, I have not visited lot of museums so maybe that statement not necessarily important 😛 The pyramids were stunning, and the outside interior of each pavilion was beautiful. The inside interior was not less beautiful than the outside, and the collections are amazing. I regretted that I did not get a chance to visit all the collections when I was there. But hey, that should be good reason for me to come back there 😉


Ponts des Arts

Located right in front of Louvre museum, Ponts des Arts is one of many pedestrian bridges in France with a little bit difference: “love locks” were spread on the railing or the grate on the side of the bridge. Many tourist couples have attached padlocks with their names written or engraved, maybe as a romantic action, or with a hope that they can be together ever after. Though I found it is a bit silly as an action, I must say the bridge is pretty interesting 🙂


Notre Dame de Paris

The famous cathedral in Paris which used as main location or background on the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. We did not spend much time there as we tried to use our time efficiently on the only sunny day (Sunday).


I guess above points pretty much give you an idea what I enjoyed in Paris 🙂

PS. In front of Louvre, my colleague managed to persuade me in having a picture with two French guys who were part of the movie-shooting team (not sure if that was a movie or TV series shooting). If only one of them would follow me home *cough* 😛  



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