My first sand castle

I used to see scenes on the TV about people making sand castles while they were enjoying the beach. It looked pretty easy and I was always amazed how cool the sand castle looked like. It was quite unfortunate that until I started working, I never had a chance to make one for myself (yes, what a pity…).

This weekend I finally got the opportunity to make my first sand castle. I was joining Ben and his family to Corfu, Greece, to visit his aunt and uncle. It was also my first time to go to Greece, so I was pretty much excited to enjoy everything there: the beaches, nice people, good food, wonderful view…. Anything I often heard or read about the country. Of course, the sand castle still came first before those other wonderful things in Greece 😛

Well, my first sand castle turned out not as good as I expected *cough* Not to mention Ben’s boys keep trying to step on them as they were considering themselves as giant dinosaurs.

What interesting (or maybe funny you might say) was how I thought and felt about myself and life after making my first sand castle. The sand castle somehow became a symbol of my ability to do something new. I always considered myself as a risk avoider and would prefer to stay doing things I feel comfortable with. It was kinda amazing that just by looking at the sand castle, I felt like I could do anything I want. I realized that I am actually a strong person and would be capable in doing things I want to do.

In the end, it did not meant that without making the sand castle I would not be able to explore myself and be a risk taker. I think it’s safe to say that most people would love to have that particular time when you say to yourself, “This is it, I can do everything and I will absolutely do it!”. It always makes you feel excited and motivated to do things that previously only wandered in your mind. For me, the feeling feels incredibly good, and for sure, I am excited now to explore activities I would and could do in the near future.

So if you ask me about my first sand castle, I would say, surprisingly unforgettable 🙂


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