Quick Update on Surabaya trip

Though my youngest sister’s wedding took place two weeks ago, somehow I still find the fact is a bit surreal. My little sister, who usually likes to bug me to treat her nice meal or buy her nice pair of shoes, is now someone’s wife, and ready to build her own family soon. Can’t believe how time passed so fast and how my sisters and I are now stepping in different directions in pursuing our dreams and goals. I am happy for her and wish nothing except the best for her and her husband šŸ™‚

The wedding ceremonies and everything in between were going on pretty well. I even got some gifts from my sister and her husband as an “apologize” symbol for getting married before me. It’s kinda funny if we think about it. Sure I feel quite bad since my younger sisters got married before me (a cliche story often heard from almost-thirty-something woman,duh!). But if they met their soul-mates already, what could we do? What could I do except being happy with them and wish them all the best? A symbolized gift would not change that fact, though it might make most of the people feel better and less sorry for me *grin*

Besides the wedding, the great thing I realized during my trip is how important my family is for me. It is always joyful to gather around my family and spend some time with them, particularly because we are living on different places (even different country :P). My parents plan to visit me next year, which will be very exciting! I do hope the plan can be done – fingers crossed for that!

All in all, it’s a very good trip, though pretty short. The hot weather in Surabaya managed to give me nice “presents”: sore throat and coughs which are steady enough in my throat until now *ugh!*

Anyway, here are some pics from the wedding šŸ™‚

My sisters and I šŸ™‚

My sister and her husband

My sister and I before the ceremony


8 thoughts on “Quick Update on Surabaya trip

  1. mbeeii itu yg nikahan si Diba ya? ayo mbeeeiiii, berikutnya giliranmu, gimana dah dapet bule ganteng belom? hihihi.. moga2 cepet dapet yg terbaik yaaa :*

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